The Lunch Box Diet Success Stories

Hey, I’m really pleased to bring you these Lunch Box Diet success stories!

I’ve been fortunate enough to get loads of very good reviews from the national media from journalists who have reviewed The Lunch Box Diet and given it a lot of praise and although that’s great, what really matters is the results that real people just like you get from it and I’m constantly getting emails and messages of awesome diet success stories. If you sit and read through these, you’ll soon discover that The Lunch Box Diet is more than a way to lose weight, it’s about so much more than that…

Thanks to everyone that has sent me their messages!

They’re Raving About Simon’s Lovell’s Amazing Lunch Box Diet

“I’ve lost 12lbs in 4 weeks and it’s a way of life. The best diet I’ve ever done. 5/5″
Elle Magazine

“Feel more energised, have more control over your appetite and look and feel altogether healthier.
Marie Claire

“Set to become the biggest slimming craze
The Sun

“Simple and credit crunch friendly
The Daily Mail, Femail

“Lost 5lbs in 1 week. Would recommend this diet to anyone who still wants to enjoy food!
Love It!

‘Popular among celebrities such as Cameron‘

“Lunch Box Diet is a positive and humorous approach to weight loss
The Brisitish Dietetic Association

“The easiest diet’ & ‘gold star results
Woman’s World USA

“Easy weight loss with no calorie counting or hunger pangs

“This diet is packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals

“This diet really worked for me

“The diet allows you to nibble all day, satisfying your urge to snack
Top Sante


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Diet Success Stories…


“My Trousers Are Getting Looser And My Skin Getting Better Despite Adult Acne Problem”

“Followed this diet for three weeks now and I am only doing it for 5 days a week and leaving the weekends free. So far I’ve lost a steady two pounds a week which is great as I didnt want to loose heaps of weight all at once.

I’m a size 14 at the mo and would like to get to a size 10 in time for summer and this is the first time ever I have looked at slim girls around me and thought ‘I’m going to be like that soon!’ instead of thinking – wish I could be that size..

Oh did I tell you how I’m no longer hungry during the day and have plenty of energy?

I’ve already noticed a difference – my trousers are getting looser and my skin getting better and clearer despite having an adult acne problem that flares up now and again – and my acne scars are fading too – oh did I tell you how I’m no longer hungry during the day and have plenty of energy?

I’m making up very interesting and tasty looking boxes that most of my colleagues have commented on, and one colleague actually asked me if I would make him a box for the next day and he would pay me £3 :) !!”

Love, Matti x 

“Lost More Than My Target Weight”

“I really enjoy getting updates from the website and find them Motivating. I have been doing the lunchbox diet since September and have lost more then my target weight of 9 stone, I’ve lost 2 dress sizes and I’m the smallest I’ve been for years I feel great and the lunch box diet has also greatly improved my symptoms of IBS.Thank you so much, I can’t recommend it enough.”

-Laura Watts 

“I Will Be The Beauty at the Wedding”

“Well I am coming to end of my first week of the lunch box diet and I’m feeling surprising good and motivated. I am resisting weighing myself but I feel great. I usually find salads a bit unfulfilling but my appetite has satisfied so far. And I’ve been quite adventurous and tried foods I wouldn’t usually combine and artichoke hearts were a pleasant surprise.

I have to be honest, I’ve sent my boyfriend to the shops to get supplies cos I cant trust myself to bypass the sweet and chocolate aisle but I’m sure the time will come when I can control myself. I have set my target dress as my wallpaper image to motivate myself. 2 months til the summer wedding of a colleague and I WILL fit in my dress!

I’ve been reading other contributions from fellow dieters and it seems to working for so many people that I’m feeling that this (my 100000th attempt at dieting) will be the one that clinches it for me.”

-Miramar243, Lunch Box Diet Community Member

“5lbs in 5 Days–Chuffed to Bits”

“OMG its day 5 and still not gone of the rails nearly did last night really wanted chocolate but i contained myself and had a plum instead and im so glad I did stood on the scales this morning and weighed a 15st 13lb that means in 5 days i have manged to shift 5lbs! I know weight fluctuates every day but i was CHUFFED to bits about 15 stone something that I just had to say! Now i resign to just weigh myself once a week on a saturday morning if I can stick to it it will be a miracle though lol

Last nights dinner did end up being beans on toast and it was scrummy, fried an egg in low fat cooking spray and popped it on top and it was the best meal i have had in ages lol!

This morning for breakfast was porridge and strawberries! Lunchbox contains Rocket, carrots, beetroot, onion, red pepper, chicken and a touch of cheese! Did my shopping last week before got the book so most lunchboxes have been pretty much the same as at that point i wasnt sure what i could and couldnt have, so next week i have promised myself to try at least 2 different recipes out the book legume I presume will prob be the first different one i try and maybe chicken tango.

Not sure whats for dinner tonight i think it may be home made low fat cottage pie (small portion) and lots and lots of veggies quite lucky really as i love most things that are good for me just a shame a prefer junk more lol

See you all tomorrow for next update. Smile”

-emmabridetobe, Lunch Box Diet Community Member

“218lbs to 185lbs – No Worry & No Hunger”

“Thank you so much for your encouraging emails. I have gone from 218 pounds down to 185 pounds. In the morning I get my food ready for the day and it’s always there for me instead of fattening fast food. I just thank you and even though I am 68 years old, this is the easiest diet I have ever been on. There is no worry and no hunger. My friends and family are starting to notice and I’m getting compliments at church. Even over the holidays when I usually gain at least ten pounds, I only gained one pound and will take it off soon. Thanks again and I always look forward to your emails. My son is a physician and I have been telling him about your diet, so he in turn can tell his patients.”

-MelD, Lunch Box Diet Community Member

“50lbs Between Us – My Hubby Has a Flat Tum”

“Hi Simon,

We are just down the road from you in Exmouth. His start weight was 14 stone 11 and he is now 12 st 12

My start weight was 14 stone 13 and I’m now 13st 5.

That’s nearly 50lbs between us.

We are really pleased. He is nearly at his ideal weight and now has a flat tum, but I’m only nearly half way there. I want to get to 11 stone.

It’s been a great ‘diet’ to follow. I bought us 4litre lunch boxes with 4 separate containers. I put raw veg and salad to nibble on in one, the other a salad – mixture of lots of salad stuff and a dressing or bits of cheese. The third has the protein – pork, gammon, fish etc, perhaps with some mustard or pickle and the last one either has a pitta bread, or slice of bread.

Jon’s found it really good for him, as before he wouldn’t be eating properly in the day depending on the work he had on, and would skip lunch, which often meant he felt dizzy or faint. Now cos he just grazes, his blood sugar levels are steady.

For breakfast, we normally have porridge and cereal and in the evening a normal meal, but we eat off smaller plates now.

We had a bit of a break over Easter (!) but are now back on it again. We both feel much better and have more energy. It’s just become part of our lifestyle and we are going away for a week in April and plan to carry on then too, well as much as we can do anyway!”

-ExmouthCouple, Devon

“My 5 Year Old Came Home With A ‘My Favourite Foods’ Painting!”

“I must say that everything in my lunch box is always fresh & home made because the items in it are exactly the same as the ones I prepare for my sons to take to school. I’m very fussy about what goes into my kids’ bodies & because i started them young, my boys are used to having steamed veges & at least 2 types of fruit in their lunch box & therefore it’s a breeze for them to reach the ’5 a day fruit & veg’ suggested by experts. Believe it or not, my eldest (who’s 5) came home with a painting entitled ‘My favourite foods’ & he had drawn carrots, broccoli & spinach!!! Yay! Looks like I’m doing something right, eh?”

-Ann Soraya Shahrin, Asia

“Doctor Gives The Thumbs Up For Lunch Box Diet Pregnancy Weight Control”

“Hi Simon. I was using the lunchbox diet for about a fortnight before finding out that I was pregnant, but in that time I’d already lost 5lbs.

Since being pregnant I have stuck with the basic principles of the diet apart from to use a slightly larger box and to add more starchy carbs into the lunchbox to keep my energy levels up. My consultant said that the principles of the diet were healthy and therefore ok to stick with for the time being as long as I didn’t actively try to lose weight.

As a result, at six months pregnant I’ve only put on the 5lbs that I lost originally, which I am really pleased about. I’m hoping that once the baby arrives and everything is settled I’ll be able to go back onto the lunchbox diet properly and lose a lot more weight (I needed to lose about 5 stone when I started).

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed trying tons of new vegetables that I would never have considered in the past – so thanks for that as well. I’m still going to the gym regularly and feel as though I have tons of energy, and have honestly never felt better. A far cry from my first pregnancy with 3 stone weight gain and hardly being bothered to move at all.”


“Easy To Follow, Even With My Complicated Lifestyle”

“Dear Lunch Box Team,

Just to let you know about my initial resuts on the lunch box diet after only 5 days. I have lost 3lbs, my skin is improved, my eyes are clear and bright and I have bags more energy.

I have found the diet extremely easy to follow even though I have a really complicated lifestyle. I live in Sheffield and work in Liverpool so travel a great deal. I live with my husband in Sheffield who does 90% of the cooking at the week-ends and during the week with a friend who does 100% of the cooking so it is difficult for me to be in total control of what I eat. They are both wonderful cooks but not necessarily aware of the nutritional content and value of food so will add cream, cook with sauces from jars (sugar and salt heavy) and pile up a huge plate as though they are feeding a marching army not just one little woman.

Anyway the introduction of the lunch box diet is beginning to satisfy all 3 of us. My husband who judges the size of portions in relation to weight loss is coming to terms with it. He tends to think that a huge plate of salad greens is equal in weight loss dietry value to the same sized plate of say a pasta dish, potatoes and meat or rice and curry etc. Alan on the other hand is a meat and 2 veg man and will pile up the plate with a mountain of mashed potatoes, meat and carrots in order to make certain that I am not underfed.

Alan has been getting a kick out of preparing the lunch box, cutting up all kinds of crazy vegetables and making a really colourful box for me to take to work pluss he can pack as much as he likes into the box to satisfy his need to feed me. My husband can watch me eat the same sized portions in his eyes that are actually much smaller to me because I am filling the plate with salad not high carb stuff.”

-Hazel Howden-Leach, Sheffield, UK

“Noticed Changes Straight Away & My Self Confidence Higher Than Ever”

“I started on the lunchbox diet about 3 months ago. It was very easy to implement and I started to notice changes straight away. I have had no problems fitting the changes to my diet into my work and home life. Since changing the way that I eat during the day I have much more energy and am no longer tired in the afternoon. In the time that I have been on the diet I have dropped a dress size and am well on the way to going down another size. My self confidence is higher than it has been for years as I feel so much better about the way I look and it is good when friends and colleagues comment on the difference they see in me.”

Wendy Smith , Exeter, UK

“After Week One, My Jeans Fit Again”

“Hi Simon,

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve done a week on the diet now and can hardly believe the progress i have made! Not only am i NEVER hungry anymore but my jeans fit me again! I haven’t worn them since I put on a stone after my honeymoon at the end of last year and then what with Christmas too I still had the weight to shift. I am amazed that in only a week my jeans fit me again, I have clearly lost a few pounds (not sure how many, I am due to check tomorrow). Admittedly I have been to the gym 5 days out of 7 this week (I normally go just 3 times a week) but since i started on the diet and stopped drinking alcholo I feel so much more energetic. I have also stopped drinking tea and coffee and now instead drink green tea and lots more water.

I think this lunchbox idea is a rather revolutionary way to eat, especially with me an office worker and always having the conundrum of what to eat during the day, usually opting for a subway sandwaich or a jacket potato.

Doing it this way is totally sustainable – I can see me taking this up as a long-term, lifestyle way of eating during the day as opposed to having 3 meals during the day with huge blood-sguar level lows and highs from the pasta and carbs I used to eat. Now I hardly need ANY carbs! If I do I have a small amount of brown pasta with my evening meal or instead I eat sweet potato). (I have totally given up bread by the way).

I am never full as you explained, but always satisfied So just wanted to thank you for your wonderful ideas and inspiration, I am over the moon with my progress to date So thank you again.”


“No Need To Stress Anymore”

“Simon Lovell has done it – devised a simple, concise, easy-to-follow eating plan, which takes the stress out of weight loss, banishes conventional dieting, controls blood sugar levels, gives you more energy, is complimentary to varying exercise levels, fits in with lifestyle and most importantly The Lunch Box Diet is maintainable for ever.

I suffered with weight increase over the last couple of years. Despite regularly exercising, I struggled to control the increase and was in a cycle of being on and off a diet. The diet caused weight loss, but it was not maintainable and more weight went back on. It seemed so personally destructive and mentally exhausting. I continued to exercise and kept fairly fit, but did not lose weight in the long-term. I was also suffering with blood sugar swings, often leaving me feeling very low and unable to concentrate by 10am, even after a substantial low GI breakfast. I also suffered with lack of energy, making exercise particularly hard and not at all rewarding.

Simon introduced me to The Lunch Box Diet and I was not convinced that it would be applicable or helpful for me, but I was wrong and have seen numerous changes.

Very quickly I found that my blood sugar levels were no longer a daily problem – my GP had been unable to help me with this and I had also been extremely dedicated and careful about eating low GI foods and eating regularly too, with no subsequent benefit. I had got to the stage where I was unable to go for a run without taking a sports glucose drink with me. However the regime of The Lunch Box diet has completely eradicated this problem and I now never give the possibility of losing energy and focus a second thought. I am able to exercise hard without feeling that I may suddenly reach a point where I can’t go on. Keeping a steady blood sugar has the benefit too of reducing cravings and of not feeling the urge to reach for a biscuit to pick you up.

Another significant benefit for me of being on The Lunchbox Diet, is not continually fighting hunger, as most diets require one to do. That induces a constant mental stress of trying to avoid food, deprivation waiting until the next meal. I have found that this diet makes me more balanced around food, it eases the pressure. It is just simple, fill your box with the specified foods (making it ones which you appeal to you), then just pick away from it whenever you want. Nibble when you are hungy, no need to fight the hunger and get into a mind-set of self control being the only option. No denying yourself food until the specified time on the clock, just nibble away and keep on an even keel. By the time you get to your evening meal you won’t be starving and inclined to over-eat, you will feel balanced and able to eat sensibly and naturally.

The Lunch-box Diet has psychologically evened me out around food. Diets screw up your metabolism and all your natural mechanisms and thought-processes around food choices, it becomes a mind-field to know what or what not to eat, a constant battle of deprivation. Simon’s diet will balance all that out again and get you back on track to sensible, straight-forward eating. You won’t need to stress about it anymore, just prepare your lunchbox and take it from there and see what happens

Every day we have different energy requirements and feel hungy at different times of the day. This diet is adaptable to your energy demands and to the amount of exercise you undertake each day, just vary the amount of carbohydrate in your lunchbox accordingly. In the past I have found it very difficult to juggle my diet with my running schedule, however you with this diet you learn to adjust your carbohydrate intake. Once you have made up your box, the food is there ready and waiting, if you are hungry by 10am take a nibble, if you are not, then wait until you are. It is so simple, no laborious daily meal plans, no tedious and destructive calorie counting, just make up your box according to your individual tastes and it fits in with your life easily. Your ‘diet’ is so easily transportable too. A box of food and a fork is all you need to take with you when you are away from home. Once you have made up your box first thing in the morning, that is it, your food is sorted until your evening meal.

Over time I have seen gradual, but consistent weight loss, without really feeling that I am on a diet or trying too hard. It feels safe to have lost the weight, without feeling that it will easily be put back on. It feels a very natural and easy way of eating, with the benefit of weight loss too. I also feel more energised, healthy and able to exercise hard again. Not many diets make you feel like that, however the Lunchbox Diet really has changed things for me.”

-Helen Simmonds, England


““The Weight Was Sticking But Now It’s Gone””

“Hi Si

Just to say I will have been on your diet for 4 weeks next Monday and I think it’s great!!

Managed to get down from 8 stone 9.6 lbs to 8 stone 2.4lbs and 2″ off my waist (32″ to 30″) in that time, so I’m really pleased. Thanks. That weight has really been sticking since I retired last year.

Determined to keep it off and I’ve found diet really easy to stick to, as the lunchbox is always there and you don’t have to think once it’s sorted out in the morning. Think only let down is the dreaded alcohol – interesting – 2 cans of Magners cider puts on 1 lb!!! Should I switch to West Country English instead of the Irish – don’t suppose you can guarantee it won’t have the same result!!!!!!!!

Thanks again Simon – intending keeping on it as I really do think it does you good.”

-Gaye Hill – Buckinghamshire, UK

-Helen Simmonds, England

“Keeps My Energy Levels Steady”


“I think the lunch box diet is great for people on the go who want to eat healthy food but don’t have time to cook. I find the diet keeps my energy levels steady and I never get tired after eating. I like the way you only have to prepare food once a day as it saves me a lot of time. As a student it helps with my concentration and as long as I have the box next to me I can study for long periods.”

-Rupert Rutland, Exeter, UK