Crash Diets – The Hidden Dangers You Must Watch Out For

Are you on a dangerous crash diet?

Are crash diets something that work? Well, if by work you mean that you lose a large amount of weight quickly, I suppose they usually do. However, maybe the real questions should be- what kind of results do these extreme diets give over the long run and are they safe?

Often a crash diet has you doing something drastic like eating only one meal, one item or a liquid in a day. This of course is very different from the way you usually eat and the way the rest of your family may eat. This right away has limited how long you would be able to continue this diet as a new lifestyle. Sometime you will most likely go back to something more like the eating habits you started with. Even if you could keep with it though, there may be bigger problems than a return to your old way of eating.

Almost every crash diet lacks one very important thing: balance. This balance of vitamins, minerals and proteins provides the very building blocks needed to aid your body in building itself as old cells die off and keeping your systems running in top order. This imbalance is often caused by the low calorie count the diet is trying to achieve in order to cause the body to tap into it’s fat stores for help.

Problems that could arise from crash diets are weakness as you lose muscle when your protein levels plummet, losing hair, dry skin, unclear thinking, headache, irritation, depression and dizziness. This is due to the body literally starving for the building block elements it needs to restore your body daily. This may not be what you were trying to achieve- a thinner but unhealthy, you.

When these symptoms start up it is most likely because the rapid breakdown of fat has released dangerous levels of uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides and keytones into your blood. These chemicals are leading causes of blood toxicity and will start inflammatory conditions as your body is unable to filter them out quickly enough. All of these problems  can also trash your immune system leaving you vulnerable to outside attack, that is if the inflammatory condition does not cause your body to begin attacking itself first.

One long term very undesirable effect of crash diets is that once you have shocked your metabolism it can be hard to get it to work properly in the future. This means that healthy weight loss methods are not going to have as good of an effect down the line. While crash diets can be used to achieve sudden weight loss- like many things in life, just because we can do it, does not mean we should.

If you want to start a diet that is a lifestyle plan then the Lunch Box Diet is a much healthier option for life!

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