Feeling Faint When Dieting? Here’s The Answer…

feeling faint when dieting

Feeling Faint When Dieting? Knowing the right diet to lose weight is important to prevent dizziness and the lightheaded feeling.

What needs to be done to prevent feeling faint when dieting while continuing the usual diet to lose weight?

Feeling faint when dieting is experienced by some due to their diet plan. For most people, the faster the better. But, there are risk involve.

So, why do you feel lightheaded and how do you prevent this from happening? When you’re dieting or exercising and then suddenly you feel dizzy or feel like fainting can be scary. It’s because of the sudden drop of your sugar level. That’s why sugar level should be stabilized.

diet to lose weightDo not starve yourself when you diet. Eat a little. Low blood glucose, or also known as hypoglycemia, is a cause of fainting. Our organs and even the brain rely on glucose to function well. When sugar level drops, especially when you are on a carb diet, the feeling of lightheaded or fainting can occur.

Restricting your carbohydrate consumption or intake (a very unhealthy diet) while you’re exercising causes your muscles to compete with your brain for sugar, thus causing the lightheadedness. Do not skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. You will get all your energy and glucose needed for the whole day especially if you plan to work out or exercise.
What’s good about having a lunchbox diet is, it uses the grazing technique that lets you eat little but as often as needed to sustain the energy and the nutrients that your body needs.

People’s tolerance and susceptibility varies. Some can withstand workouts while on carb restricted diet others have history of hypoglycemia. To prevent this from happening or if it happens in a regular basis, speak to your health care provider before beginning a weight loss plan.

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