How To Get Back On Track On Your Diet When Sh#t Happens

Shit Happens!

I put this quote on the facebook page recently and I wanted to explain it a little bit more in this blog…

“You have some weeks where things don’t go according to plan and it’s about finding the power to get back on track. Once you master that power you’ll be unstoppable because it’s not about being tough on yourself it’s about being clever about yourself…”

Over the years my body shape has gone up and down probably just like yourself. I have things going on in my life that cause stress, make me eat the things that I shouldn’t do, etc etc.

But if there’s one skill that I have adapted it’s the one to be able to put a bad day or a bad week behind me and get right back on track.

I think sometimes we find it so hard to stop the sabotage.

Yes it was one cake.

Yes, it might have been a jumbo packet of crisps.

Yes, you may have had a blow out at Mdcdonalds….

But that doesn’t mean tomorrow needs to be the same, just because you made a bad decision for your body. Learn to put a line across it start a fresh as quickly as possible. 

Sabotage normally stems from stress, so the quicker you can get to the heart of the stress, the less sabotage you will have. But again, it’s not so much about that, than it is about drawing a line, quicker rather than later. You will find this episode of ihealthpod incredibly useful if you’re currently stressed.

Let’s say you just ate a packet of donuts and got all of that guilt. Your normal cycle might be to that evening continue the ‘eat-crap-o-thon’ with a take-away. The following day is your new start, not a week later.

Too often I hear about these long, drawn out periods of sabotage. Start setting yourself a deadline to end it, as quickly as possible.

You know it’s as easy as making that decision. ;-)

I’d be interested in finding out how long your sabotage can be. Is it normally days, weeks or even longer?

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