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Okay so today I was asked a question from a member of the facebook fan page - and it went like this:

“Good Morning Si, do you have any tips and/or training plans for someone that hasn’t been to the gym in years and is going to join one this week?  - Gavin”

So, I thought that I would knock out  a quick post so that everyone can gain from the tips. First of all, we’re coming up to the end of the year and good on Gavin for signing up now… There’s actually a really great reason for signing up at the end of the year and the end of the month for that matter and this is a secret that I can reveal that not many people know…

Gyms have to reach sales targets, which means that if you sign up very close to the end of the month, or ideally on the last day of the month, you can, most of the time grab yourself a bargain. Don’t let the sales person know you know, but haggle down on sign up fees and the monthly cost and you should be able to save a tenner a month or maybe more.

Okay so back to the main question…

Well first of all it’s worth watching this video which I did quite a few years ago now but it provides some good advice for signing up to a gym in particular…

These days, many new gym offers include a free personal training session which is great because it gives you a great idea about the right exercises to do, in which combination and how to structure your plan depending on how often you train. Of course, another factor is what you enjoy, because how long you stay on your new fitness plan will come down, in my opinion to two main factors:

1. Whether you enjoy your workouts

2. Whether you’re seeing results…

If these two aren’t in place, chances are you won’t sustain a new fitness plan for any length of time. There are hundreds of ways for you to reach your goal, but you need to decide on which is the right way to go for you.

For example with me my training might go something like this (bare in mind I won’t expect you to do two sessions a day, I have quite a bit of free time):

Monday: 5k Run am / Weights pm

Tuesday: Weights Pm

Wednesday: Intervals am / Weights pm

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Full body circuit training

Saturday: 5k Run

Sunday: Hangover, or if I’m lucky and haven’t gone out on Saturday night, I may train weights in the evening.

But this might change every week. But I aim to train as much as I can and I know when I need a rest. When you’ve been training for long enough, you’ll be surprised at how you get to learn what your body needs.

Here’s a good exercise. Just sit there now and lie back. Ask yourself… What does my body need right now? You’ll get the answer. I’ve used that loads since learning that in all parts of my life.

Now, here’s the thing. If you want to run a marathon in six months time, this IS NOT going to be your training plan, nor would this be the plan if you want to train to ski. Now since most of the people who read my newsletters or follow me want to lose weight, I’d suggest that weight training and HIT training is in your program at least once per week. You should be aiming to train, at least three times per week, but more like five, working beyond your comfort zone and increasing intensity as you get better. If you don’t you’ll quickly find you get bored because you’re not seeing progression. Also, and this is important to note, depending where you are with your fitness at the moment, what you do now and what you do in 5 years time will be completely different, because you’ll go through a learning curve just like anything else. It’s like buying a basic camera and then going onto get an SLR (which I’ve just done). Or learning a language and then learning three more languages.

For example, I took a complete newbie to exercise and she started off at my bootcamp in Exeter, but now does more military fitness training. She then, becuase he discapline has changed, may go up another level into competive training, olympic lifing, you never know.

Just like other clients of mine who started off HATING running, then going onto CRY becuase they couldn’t enter a marathon. Things change, dramatically. BUT YOU HAVE TO GET STARTED to get to this point peeps! x

Now, every trainer is different. If you’re going with a Personal Trainer, they’ll have their own ideas and that’s normal – but it’s important that you are seeing results and that will be a three pronged approach by this:

1. The trainer is giving you the right things to do

2. You’re working your ass off

3. You’re eating properly, using The Lunch Box Diet – OBVIOUSLY! lol ;-) .

Of course, for some, personal training is not affordable, so if you can’t get one on a regular basis then get them to develop a programme, invest something in yourself.

There are classes – now these do hit the ‘fun’ factor, and you can see results, but for me they’re not personal enough. In order of preference here’s what I would suggest.

First Choice: Personal Training as often as you can afford (find one that has got results and talk to their current clients if you can – you should be able to get a FREE trial session, just ask)
2nd Choice: Bootcamp / Circuits
3rd Choice: PT developed fitness plan (or system based on recommendations below)

There are plenty of programmes that you can follow and below I’m going to give you some options of stuff that I recommend trying. Take the time to watch any videos and read material, to see what you feel you would find most enjoyable and that would fit with your goal.

Dream Body Workout (Women)

Lunch Box Diet For Men: Includes 90 Day Workout Plan

Flavicious Fitness (Women) - Listen To This Interview I Did With Flavia – Click Here

Turbulence Training (Men & Women)

Shape Shifter Workouts (Men & Women)

No Nonsense Muscle Building (Men)

Running For Weight Loss – Beginners Running Guide

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