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With so many diet plans out there, I’m sure you’re probably wondering whether The Lunch Box Diet system will work for you? Well don’t worry, below I’ve come up with the most common asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here simply use the contact page and you’ll get a personal reply within a few hours.

Is The Lunch Box Diet System Healthy?

Absolutely. In fact you’d be hard pushed to find a diet that packs more nutrients and minerals (from my combination of vegetables, healthy fats, protein and carbs) than The Lunch Box Diet System – in fact, I’ve created a list of the health benefits – ask yourself whether your current diet is providing you with these and if not, I’d highly recommend that you start the system immediately.

Health Benefits of The Lunch Box Diet System

  • Help Prevent Cancer (via antioxidant ingredients) Did you know that studies have shown that broccoli alone can help reduce the chances of lung, esophageal cancer, gastrointestinal , cervical and breast cancer?
  • Reduce Risk of TYPE II Diabetes Or Help Reverse It
  • Stabalise Blood Sugar Levels
  • Prevent Congestive Heart Failure
  • Help With Menopause
  • Improve Skin Conditions
  • Prevent Sleep Conditions
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Enlarged Heart
  • Prevent Pulmonary Embolisms (blockage of artery)
  • Reduce Risk Of Olycystic Ovarian Syndrome (when cysts develop in your ovaries).
  • Assist Chronic Constipation
  • Decrease LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (good cholesterol)
  • Improve Arthritis
  • Reduce Risk Of Stroke
  • Heart Disease Prevention
  • Reduce Gallbladder Disease
  • Prevent Osteoarthritis
  • Assist Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Reduce Blood Pressure Levels
  • Stress Reduction
  • Prevent Eye Conditions
  • Prevent Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Assist and Prevent Depression
  • Prevent Immune System Dysfunction
  • Boost Hair and Nail Development
  • Reduce Risk of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (Acid Juices)
  • Prevent Fatty Liver Disease
  • Help Prevent Urinary Incontinence Starting

How quickly do you lose weight on this diet?

It completely depends on your current weight, how many boxes per week you eat and whether you build in exercise. Even without exercise you can lose 7-19lbs in 30 days. Many dieters have lost 12lbs in their first two weeks.

How is your diet system any different to all the others?

It’s fun, you don’t count calories, it doesn’t restrict you, you can be normal with your family – you’ll have loads of energy and lose weight at the same time. Oh and most of all it’s a healthy way of eating that you can sustain for life! :-)

Is it enjoyable to follow?

Would you say that counting calories, being hungry, eating tasteless food, not being able to eat the things you enjoy and generally being down in the dumps is something that you could sustain? Take every opposite of this and you have The Lunch Box Diet system. Fresh, tasty foods to keep you healthy, fun varied boxes every day, treats, normal meals with your family – it’s no surprise The Lunch Box Diet has been given gold stars and 5 star reviews from leading magazines and media – it’s fun, fun, fun all the way, you get to be super creative without having to be a superstar chef.

Will it work if I’m not grazing?

You won’t get the same effect on your body because you need to eat small regular meals to keep your metabolism running at its optimum level. Having said that, if you use my box combinations for your lunch instead of your current lunch, you’re still likely to see health and weight loss benefits, just not fully optimised. I would say it’s worth trying if this is you and see how you feel within the trial period.

I’ve been scammed on the internet before, I’m not convinced.

I completely understand that many of you may have been scammed by weight loss products on the internet, in particular acia berry, tea and pill scams. I’ve now put together a video on the order page taking you through the whole order process. On the shopping cart page you will see the number of payments that will be taken from your account (two if on trial, one if you’re paying in full) if you decide not to cancel. What’s more, please bare in mind I’m used by the national media here in the UK by the likes of Marie Claire, The Daily Telegraph, The People and The Lunch Box Diet has been featured on the cover of Woman, Woman’s World (USA) and on TV shows and radio shows. This isn’t the kind of thing that these media outlets would want to promote to their audience if it was a scam.

I can’t afford it right now.

It’s worth working out how much you spend per week on snacks and unhealthy food. The Lunch Box Diet System won’t only stop you from craving these snacks, it will also give you a more healthy lifestyle. It’s well worth reading this article from MSN money about how The Lunch Box Diet system will save you money.

Save Money With The Lunch Box Diet Article on MSN

I am a diabetic, I’m unsure this would be right for me

The Lunch Box Diet System is a healthy eating lifestyle plan. As a diabetic, you’ll know how important it is to keep your blood sugar levels balanced. The entire concept of The Lunch Box Diet System is that you eat gradually throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels balanced as well as boost your metabolism. A part of The Lunch Box Diet is an Active Carb system that introduces low-GI carbohydrates if you’re being active. It’s advised that as a diabetic that you introduce the Active Carbs into your lunch box. You should understand that you can use the Lunch Box Diet throughout your life as a healthy way to assist your condition.

I’m very depressed and can’t seem to motivate myself. Will this help?

I know personally how hard it can be make a lifestyle change. Especially when other things you’ve tried haven’t worked. Part of the reason why you could be feeling depressed is because your diet consists of foods that don’t stimulate your ‘feel good hormones’. As the saying goes, ‘you are what you eat’. The Lunch Box Diet system is packed full of foods that make you feel great and grazing stops you from becoming bloated which makes you slow and tired. Within 7 days of starting The Lunch Box Diet System you will start to feel a difference in yourself. Start by writing down your goals and desired achievements and putting them in a place where you can see them, ie the fridge. Put a piece of clothing you want to fit into on the outside of your wardrobe so it acts as an instant motivator every morning. You just have to take this first step. You can do it, you will do it!

I just need to get myself organized.

This is easy. First start by clearing out your cupboards of unhealthy foods before you start the Lunch Box Diet System. If you must keep foods for your children like crisps, snacks and fizzy drinks, put them all in a separate place that you know is out of bounds for you. Now read and listen to all of the Lunch Box Diet System materials. This will take just a few hours. Go shopping and buy all of the ingredients you need to make your lunch boxes, healthy breakfasts and healthy evening meals. It will take you about 5 minutes each evening to prepare your lunch box for the following day. You’re good to go. Don’t make it to hard on yourself, chances are you think it has to be hard, it really doesn’t! Those are other diets, not The Lunch Box Diet system. As Woman’s World magazine said ‘it’s the easiest diet with gold star results’.

Will it work if I’m not very keen on eating loads of salad?

Many people who try my box combinations are incredibly surprised at how different my ‘salads’ are. In the System you’ll also find a special taste bud builder that will slowly develop your liking to vegetables, so you can really enjoy all the health benefits through your life. Chances are you’ve developed a liking to foods that are unhealthy fro you but this can be reverse easily with my method.

Is it possible to take away even cellulite with the program?

The Lunch Box Diet System will flush your body of toxins and reduce the amount of fat stored in your body, so in many cases cellulite will appear differently, giving you more confidence.

How does your diet kick-start my metabolism?

Great question! Normally we eat three meals per day and eat larger portions to compensate for what we haven’t eaten since our last meal. So picture the scene. You’re waiting for your other half (if you have one) to get home from his work and you’ve not eaten since lunch, or you’ve been snacking unhealthily in the afternoon to ‘fill a gap’. Your metabolism is all over the place due to the frequency of your meals, so this is why you feel tired after you lunch and after your evening meal. With The Lunch Box Diet system you will have a smaller breakfast portion because you know you’ll be munching from your box at around 10-11am until 4-5pm. Now you’ll be full of energy and you’re metabolism gets its kick-start and stays up all day, every day!

When do I stop eating?

Don’t worry, even though you’re grazing, you’re not eating all day long. You nibble from your box to stop you from getting hungry. You start with a box size that satisfies your appetite and then reduce it as you get slimmer. You should never be hungry. Your evening meal potions will be smaller because you have eaten up until say 5pm from your box. You simply take a few mouthfuls every 1-2 hours.

Is it only cold food you can eat in your lunch box?

While The Lunch Box Diet has completely reinvented the ‘salad’ (it’s not all lettuce, tomato, cucumber you know!), you can have heated up food in your box. There’s plenty of mouth-watering box combinations that lend themselves brilliantly to hot combos, it’s just about getting creative.

How do I not get sick of having a salad every day?

Ha! Get bored? You’re more likely to get hooked because of the combination’s I’ve put together, but in the unlikely chance of that happening, you can have a day off or two and you’ll still lose weight over a week. Remember, The Lunch Box Diet System isn’t a strict plan. By just implementing the system three days in a week, you’ll dramatically boost your health benefits and energy levels. Once you start to feel the difference you’ll want to eat them more often – and you’ll be telling all of your friends.

How do you decide how much of each food group each day?

All of those details are included in the Lunch Box Diet System. You’ll learn the exact combination to put into your box and there’s no calorie counting and no silly ingredients to find.

Can I eat fruit?

Yes you can eat fruit as a snack on The Lunch Box Diet System and you can have a smoothie for your breakfast. All fruits are permitted.

Is it really possible to eat all that plus 2 normal meals and still lose weight? It seems so much!

Yes, the contents of your box are very nutritionally dense so you can lots of vegetables. When it comes to your breakfast and evening meals, the portion sizes are reduced because you’re eating from your box from an hour or so after your breakfast and before your evening meal. You reduce your box size when your body tells you to eat less, it all happens quite naturally. You will finally start to learn the right portion size for you. Big meals are out, little ones are in – but you can still enjoy normal meals out every now and again.

I suffer from an under active thyroid and have GERD so there are lots of things I cannot eat.

The selection of foods in the Lunch Box Diet System are so vast, you’ll find plenty of combinations that you enjoy. That’s why the 21 day trial is in place so you can fully get a grasp of the ingredients and learn that it will fit your lifestyle. In the unlikely reason it doesn’t you can request a refund.

How I can motivate myself to get food ready and to be satisfied with salad etc – I’ve got a very sweet tooth?

Food preparation is very quick with The Lunch Box Diet System, your box can be ready in under 5 minutes with pre-cooked meats. Other than that, how long does it take to grill a piece of meat or fish? Not very long! If you have a sweet tooth, chances are your taste buds are acclimatised to these types of foods because you’re eating them so much. With The Lunch Box Diet System you will naturally balance your blood sugar levels, so I will seem bizarre when you simply don’t crave these foods as much. When you do, it’s okay to have them – but remember, if they’re around the house, you will want them so you need to clear out.

How do I fit it in with working as am a shift worker and work long days?

The great thing about The Lunch Box Diet is that you can prepare enough food to get you through the entire day. As long as you have a cool bag or access to a fridge, The Lunch Box Diet system is for you. Your box is portable, it goes where you go, which is why it’s loved so much. If you work in a job that allows you a break then The Lunch Box Diet system will work perfectly – or a understandable boss that now knows that you’ll be grazing to keep your energy up and make you more productive in work ;-) Everybody wins!

I have tried a lot of eating plans bit due to being extremely active I do need more sustenance than those that do not, will this version take into account boot camp every morning, pilates/yoga every afternoon and either kayaking, pump or combat in the evening?

Awesome question! First of all well done for being so active! The Lunch Box Diet System began because I used to eat that way as a personal trainer and still do today. I train sometimes twice per day, so I need something that keeps my energy up and keeps me in great shape. You will need to implement my Active Carbs system on the days you’re training so that your energy levels stay up and you can see the day out. What’s more, you’ll be getting the right amount of protein that’s essential for your muscles to develop as well as the nutrients for your muscles to absorb. The Lunch Box Diet is used by personal trainers and their weight loss / fitness clients all around the world.

Will it jolt me out of a plateau level?

Absolutely – if it doesn’t I’d be very surprised. Because of the variety of box combinations and nutritional values, your body will notice a difference which will kick-start your metabolism and as a result, overcome your plateau.

What’s the best “size” for the Lunch Box container to be…or do you make one that you can buy online?

Currently I don’t have an official lunch box container, but you can find them in most supermarkets. One size won’t fit all, although if you buy a big box you don’t have to fill it up. You simply eat enough to satisfy yourself throughout the day. You will reduce your box size over time.

How much it is going to cost me in food? It would be good to have a weekly shopping list with amounts etc. for the first 4 weeks of the plan.

Cost will vary dramatically based on where you shop. There are always offers in most supermarkets for the foods included in The Lunch Box Diet.  When you sign up to the diet you’ll be given information of how to sign up to the diet tracker online where shopping lists are produced for you and you can start a 4 week plan. Everything is taken care of with the ‘diet tracker’ – you can even pick how much weight to lose over a week.

Do I really need to eat such a wide range of vegetables?

Ideally yes – your body will be given the correct variety of nutrients to kick-start and maintain weight loss. Remember you don’t have to use The Lunch Box Diet very day of the week, but you’ll see the benefits if you do.

Please see this article below
Save Money With The Lunch Box Diet Article on MSN

Is This a Quick Fix Diet or A Lifestyle Change Diet?

The Lunch Box Diet is most definitely a lifestyle change diet, however you will still notices changes to your weight, energy levels, skin, and overall health quickly. The Lunch Box Diet has been designed so that you can lose weight, but also maintain your weight while you’re there. Quick fix diets will always end up putting you back to square one, and emotionally this puts you into a never-ending cycle. Chances are you’re a bit fed up by now of yo-yo dieting, so The Lunch Box Diet System will be a part of your new healthy eating approach for life. As Elle Magazine said, ‘your body will feel a lot healthier for it”.

What is The Lunch Box Diet System and What Does It Include?

It’s based on the grazing principle of losing weight that keeps you full by nibbling throughout the day. I’ve devised a simple way of grazing by eating a special combination of foods from his lunch box and his clients started seeing amazing results in weight loss, energy levels, even with their skin. It’s super-healthy and has been praised by the likes of the British Dietetic Association as well as Doctors and other health professionals. Most of all, The Lunch Box Diet system is sustainable so it will become a lifestyle change for you. In fact most Lunch Box Dieters report this common line: “I don’t feel like I’m on a diet”. It’s been the quote that comes back time and time again.

You get everything to get you up and started quickly. The basic principes. What foods to include in your lunch box. When to eat from it. Loads of box combination ideas, plus 100+ recipes for your boxes, breakasts, evening meals and even smoothies. You’ll also get a motivational ebook, weight loss seminar answering the top 20 questions on weight loss, an audio version of the ebook and 1-1 email support.

What you get from The Lunch Box Diet System (Limited Bonus Edition)

  • Lunch Box Diet Original Ebook
  • Lunch Box Diet Audio Book
  • Lunch Box Diet: 60 Tasty Boxes
  • Lunch Box Diet: Breakfast & Dinner Cookbook + Smoothies
  • 20 Most Asked Questions on Weight Loss Audio Seminar
  • How to Create Your Gorgeous Life motivational ebook

I’m Seriously Overweight. I’m Worried This Diet Isn’t For Me

Whatever your size, The Lunch Box Diet System will work for you. We’ve had weight loss success from dieters who are well over the obese scale, so don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. The diet allows you to eat lots so you’ll simply start off with a larger lunch box size that satisfies your hunger. It’s also essential at your size that you start to bring down the chances of type II diabetes, and if you already have the disease, The Lunch Box Diet system could reverse it for you. You will also start to build confidence as your weight drops and the larger you are, the quicker the weight will drop off on The Lunch Box Diet system. Please contact us using the contact link if you have any concerns and I’ll work with you directly. We’ll together on this journey, you’ll be taken care of.

Do I Have To To Exercise On The Diet?

No, you don’t have to exercise on the plan, though your weight loss and energy levels will be given a boost if you do, it goes without saying. By combining the two together you will maximise your results but you will still see a significant boost to your body if you start the diet.

Why Does The Lunch Box Diet System Work So Well?

The Lunch Box Diet system works so well because it balances your blood sugar levels so you’re less likely to reach for snacks that are bad for you. In addition, because you’re kept satisfied, you won’t be thinking about where your next meal will come from. The boxes are tasty and you get to eat your normal breakfast and evening meal. This also means you won’t be an outcast at the dinner table. The diet conditions your body to better portion control and will significantly improve your health.

Is The Diet Safe?

Absolutely, in fact it offers the perfect combination of carbohydrates, fats and proteins based on your activity levels. If you’re active, you add more ‘active carbs’ in the diet. The diet has been used by fitness and health professionals all over the world for their clients as well as being acclaimed by The British Dietetic Association.

How Does It Rate Against Other Big Diets?

If you’re here right now, chances are you’ve been on many diets that have failed you in the past. While the Lunch Box Diet System is called a ‘diet’, it will naturally become a way of life for you and you’ll discover that the grazing method will suit your work and home life perfectly. Other diets that restrict your calories too much or ask you to add up points simply aren’t good for you in the long term, not just physically but also mentally. They take you on a downward spiral that causes long term stress. The Lunch Box Diet System is a fun way to keep your weight down, and your health up. You won’t go back, that’s my guarantee.

I’m A Vegetarian, Will This Diet Work For Me?

It’s perfect for you! You’ll be simply adding beans, pulses, tofu and other foods to your protein group. In fact, there are loads of recipes ready to go for you and once you’ve used these, you’ll be making hundreds of your own once you learn the system. If you’re in any doubt, you’re protected by the 60 day money back guarantee.

There’s Some Foods I Hate, Will The Diet Work For Me?

Yes. Everyone has some types of foods they dislike and that’s why The Lunch Box Diet System has been designed so you can pick from a massive selection of foods. You will be amazed at the huge selection available, even if you dislike even a wide selection of foods. If however you are firm set against eating any vegetables, this diet is not for you. If this is the case, it’s advised that you seek a nutrition psychologist to find out why as this could have serious health implications. Vegetables provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals that stimulate weight control and maintain optimum health. If you are a borderline veggie lover then it’s suggested that you implement The Lunch Box Diet system for 1 day per week and build up gradually as your taste buds change.

How Strict Is It, What If I Cheat A Bit?

You’ll find that the diet still works. In fact, you don’t have to go all out from day one. You can have a box 1 day per week to begin with if you want to and build up from there to get used to the system, but note that results will take slightly longer. It really depends on how much you like vegetables. If you’re a big fan then dive in to five days per week, if you like them but are not a raving fan, then implement the diet 3 days per week to begin with. Easy! No stress.

You Say No Calorie Counting, But I Like To Count My Calories. What About Me?

No problem. Although in the long term I’d like to see you not count calories, I do understand that some will like to track everything. We have an online diet tracker that allows you to put in your personal details, then work out exactly the right amount of calories for your body. Check out the ‘diet tracker’ link and video for more information. It includes a full 28 day plan pre-loaded with recipes.

What’s An Ebook? How Does It Differ From a Printed Book?

An ebook is delivered to your computer instantly and you can read the diet on your computer or print it out. Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll be redirected to a page to download your products.