30 Truths For Fat Loss Success

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I’m not entirely sure where you are now on reaching your fat loss goals. You may be well on your way, you may be just getting started, or you may be really down in the dumps and need some serious answers. In this post, I want to give you the truth, the honest truth about really how to get the body you want.

You can search for a magic pill, but I can tell you now, it’s not out there. Follow by these rules and you won’t go far wrong and I really hope some of them ‘connect’ with you and give you the inspiration you need to really take yourself to the next level.

Let’s kick off with the most important (though the others are not listed in order of importance). Let me know at the bottom of the post which one ‘resonates’ with you the most!

Truth #1 – Thou Shall Not Give Up, Ever.
The moment you give in, it all goes downhill, quickly. Being able to pick yourself back up again, brush yourself down is a skill, but you need to master it. Life’s struggles will always pull you in different directions, but you don’t need to be skilled on being 100% on the mark, but 100% on being able to pull yourself back to the target when things get bad. Set a date of when to get back on track and try to make that days, not weeks.

Truth #2 – Don’t Expect Success Overnight
You need to break down your long term expectation into chunks and go for small goals. Looking at your target way off in the distance is a pointless exercise and will zap your motivation, look at what you can achieve next week.

Truth #3 – You Can’t Get There Without Exercise
The body you REALLY want comes with exercise and you are going to need to work your butt off. If you don’t like it, reduce your expectations and quit moaning. I hear all too much ‘I can’t get that body, it’s just so unachievable. That is your mind playing games. Set your bar higher and reach for it. Reducing, stopping or not even starting to exercise, is in my opinion what holds most back.

Truth #4 – You Must Eat Vegetables
Vegetables provide you with your nutrients. If you don’t like them, you need to ask a huge question. WHY? It’s because you’ve been eating too much processed food? Start introducing them into your diet more and more. I’ve just started making raw food smoothies for my breakfast and I’m now hooked.

Truth #5 – It’s Not Okay To Accept The Stress
Your stress levels can play havoc with your body, so getting to the route of your stress is critical to allow everything else to flow smoothly. Tackle your stress levels and you’ll start feeling good about yourself which will have a spiral affect on how you decide to eat and move.

Truth #6 – Women Must Lift Heavy Weights
Despite what you may think, it’s important to really increase weights that you’re lifting. In my experience, newcomers to weight training can normally increase their weight by around 50% from what they think they should be lifting. As long as your rep range and form is quality, then you’re good to go!

Truth #7 – Your Scales Are Doing You More Harm Than Good
You feel great, everything is going to plan, but then what happens, you stand on the scales and everything goes downhill. Have a think for a second how much your scales actually control your emotions. Yes it’s important to measure your progress, but sign up for this FREE webinar and you’ll learn the best way to do that.

Truth #8 – Planning Is Everything
If you think back to when you make bad decisions about what to eat, chances are planning and preparation have probably played a big role in your choices. It all starts at your food shop, then what’s in the house, then what you take to work or have available to you. Hunger causes uninformed decisions. Be aware of this.

Truth #9 – You Have Been Lied To
The weight loss industry as a whole is flawed and is a big money making machine. I don’t have a problem with this when it’s products that will help you in healthy way, but when it’s an unsustainable fad and clearly just out to grab your money, that’s when I get angry. Be careful, do your research.

Truth #10 – You Do Need A Break
I’d bet there are so many things going on in your life right now, you probably need to cut yourself some slack. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and beat yourself up when you make a mistake or fall off the wagon. The key is to be aware of why you make the errors and try and find a solution that stops it happening again. This is where most people go wrong.

Truth #11 – Your Support ‘Family’ Is More Powerful Than You Think
Imagine if you spent a month on an island with 10 raw food eaters, who all exercised, or another example – if say I spent a month on an island with 10 women who were all experts in yoga. Do you think I would come back with a different passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for something new? Why when some people go away on bootcamps, do they just put all of the weight back on? Your circle of influence is crucial to your success. Be around those who want what you want.

Truth #12 – You’re Not Drinking Enough Water
Ditch the pop, the low sugar drinks and reduce your alcohol intake gradually and steer towards more natural solutions. Since your body is mainly made up of water, what do you think your body needs? A diet coke filled with the poison aspartame? Come on let’s get real for a second. If you’re drinking this crap daily, you’re hooked on it. Ask yourself why and get angry and make a change to feed your body with the fluid that was naturally made for you, not created for you.

Truth #13 – Be Thankful For What You Have, Not What You Don’t Have
Money, relationships, health, happiness. Few people have everything completely how they want it, that’s why it’s important to be thankful for the things which you’ve got right and build on those. Actually you’ll find that if you focus on those things and not be down about the things you don’t have, you’ll start to get the pieces of the jigsaw you’ve been missing naturally.

Truth #14 – Challenges Will Keep You Motivated
Set yourself a challenge and try and stick to it. For example, try ditching sugar from your diet for 7 days and reward yourself at the end. If that is too long, start off with a few days. Create a ‘challenge diary’ and have just one rolling each week. If you’re stuck for ideas, find a challenge buddy or group of people and set them between you. Take it in turns to set one.

Truth #15 – Go To Bed Earlier, Change Your Routine
Many people miss out on sleep and it’s getting more and more challenging with mobile phones, social networks and stress levels. Personally a good way I’ve found is to move my exercise sessions to the evenings, and work more intensively, this way I naturally want to go to bed earlier. If you have sleep issues, find a sleep specialist, look into natural supplements that assist with sleep and make that your focus. You’ll find it hard to eat properly and exercise when you don’t get the hours you require.

Truth #16 – Soak It Like A Sponge
Gossip magazines, soaps, the news. Replace with books, magazines, blogs and content that will help you be healthy, fit and slim for life. I see so many people’s facebook status updates with ‘i’m bored’. I’m sorry but there’s far too much information out there for me to help me grow, I am NEVER bored. Find a passion and go get what you want out of life.

Truth #17 – Intensity Levels Are Key
If you filmed yourself exercising and send me the video, how would I rate the intensity at which you work out on a scale of 1-10? Answer honestly. By getting out of your comfort zone when you exercise and REALLY push yourself, you won’t only set yourself a higher bar, you’ll also get even better results. If you’re not getting the results you want right now you need to really ramp up your intensity levels. If you can’t seem to do this right now, look into what you’re eating, how you’re sleeping and your stress levels because all of these play a key role in performance.

Truth #18 – Little & Often Is Better For You
Eating big meals will slow you down. Grazing in my opinion is by far the best way to lose fat, maintain energy and stop hunger. Look at breaking your big meals down into mini meals and you’ll see results quicker, just as long as the quality of what you’re eating is there. This is why I use the LBD and it works for my dieters as a healthy eating plan that’s sustainable.

Truth #19 – You Can Have Cake
Chocolate (all types), iced buns, donuts – these are all foods I enjoy and I eat them – just not on a daily basis and if I have done in the past it’s because I’ve either been stressed or haven’t planned and prepared properly. What has changed for me more recently is acting more on Truth #11. I’m still learning myself and trying to push myself more and more. You can have the foods you enjoy without guilt, just have cheat days, and if you do have a blow out, end it there and then and make your next meal healthy. Don’t get all down and have weeks of unhealthy eating.

Truth #20 – You Probably Need To Try Something New
Maybe you’ve been doing something for too long and need a change? Many of us don’t like change, but it’s the change that brings in the results. Make that call, sign up to that program, but please do something to push yourself, or you’ll always get the results you’ve always had.

Truth #21 – You Don’t Need ‘Carbs’ All The Time
Remember that there are ‘carbs’ in vegetables just as much as bread and pasta but they’re just different types. If you’re in the habit of having processed carbs with every meal, then I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find it hard to lose the fat you want. But we’re all so conditioned to it. So what’s the solution? Gradually cut down and transit from say white bread, to granary, to wholemeal, to rye and then cut it out. On The Lunch Box Diet you’re allowed carbs in your evening meal, but they’re healthier than the norm. When you move onto Lunch Box Diet Supercharged, it gets different. We just need to take you through that journey so that you stick to it and not rebel. Don’t go all out, take it step by step.

Truth #22 – It’s Not Expensive
You may be thinking that it’s expensive to eat healthy but in my experience and with my VIP dieters, I know that they find healthy food that’s cost effective all the time. There are so many deals running in supermarkets, you can easily fill up on vegetables, lean meats etc without breaking the bank. Cakes, microwave meals and frozen bits may seem ‘cheap and quick’ but they’re doing so much harm to your body, you’ll pay the price in the end. Get clever with your finances and you’ll get clever with your body.

Truth #23 – Too Much Rest, Puff & Pant
Picture the scene, you’re working out. Then you stop. How long are you stopping for? Are you chatting to a friend, or are you REALLY pushing yourself. Really try and cut down your rest time and feel the pressure on your chest as you find it uncomfortable to breathe. Yes, stop if you feel you’re at a dangerous levels or feel faint, but more often than not, your natural tendency is to stop too early, or rest for too long. Break this habit. The best results come when the lungs are really being pushed to their limits.

Truth #24 – Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat
Avocados, nuts, oils – these are all fats, but they don’t make you fat. Learn about the fats that make you fat, and the fats that don’t and you’ll be much more wise when it comes to making sensible nutritional choices.

Truth #25 – Mondays Are Key
In my experience, most tend to blow out on the weekends with thier nutrition and with partying etc, so it’s important that Monday becomes a ‘reset day’. Always have healthy food stocked up ready to get things back on track on a Monday morning, if you leave it until later in the week, you may be inclined to leave it until the following week and sometimes this never happens.

Truth #26 – Your Kids Are Watching
If there’s another great reason to keep your body in shape then it’s for your children. Kids mdoel what their parents do, so if they see you eating unhealthy food, they will to and of course, if you’re feeding it to them, they don’t have much hope. While you are important, you can gain even more motivation from ensuring that your children grow up healthy, strong and confident. Many LBDieters report their children wanting to eat more healthly when they see mum and dad packing their lunch boxes becuase they want their own.

Truth #27 – Sugar Is A Killer
There is sugar packed in so many foods, it’s crazy. Sugar makes us fat because it turns to fat when not burned. Be sure as well as looking at the fat content of certain foods to also look at the sugar content becuase it’s actually more dangerous in most cases. Be smart with your buying decisions, and remember that you can’t go far wrong by buying the food that mother nature intended!

Truth #28 – Split Second Decisions Are Everything – Say NO!
Being able to say ‘no’ is of the most important skills you can master. The more you say ‘no’ to temptations and the more you say ‘yes’ to doing exercise, the more your body will say ‘yes’ to helping you lose fat, it really is that simple. Make a ‘no’ list and mark off throughout the day how many times you said ‘no’ to eating something bad. Try and beat your scores.

Truth #29 – You Are Worth It, Be Strong
You may be in the place where you don’t value yourself, maybe other people put you down or make fun of you, even when you’re trying so hard. Become stronger every time you eat healthy and exercise, because this is for you which will end up influencing so many other people in a good way when you’re in shape, really happy and confident. You are worth it!

Truth #30 – You Can Make It Fun
If you’re not having fun right now with healthy eating and exercise, you just need to build up some momentum, get results and change things up a bit. Sit down with a pad and paper and make a list of what things you enjoy to do and how you can turn them into more active parts of your life. What’s new and fun in your area to do that you could go and join? Are you not having fun because you need to find a buddy. Are you not having fun because the food you’re eating is ‘boring’. Then make it more appealing. Healthy eating and exercise tastes and feels great, trust me!

I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

I’d really like to know which one of the 30 Truths stood out for you the most. Why not post a comment below and let me know!

Take care and have a great day!


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  1. Amanda says:

    Clashing Monday as ‘reset day’ is awesome advice. Gives you some added focus as tomorrow never comes. Great inspiring blog. Thankyou

  2. Alison says:

    My problem is i am not exercising as i use to, I must drink more water, Get to bed early – oh no..it’s after midnight:(
    I must also continue to plan as i have my off days, and limit my carbs – was never an issue before.
    Today will be my reset day :)
    I appreciate the videos
    Thanks very much

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