Is Dark Chocolate Good For You? The Truth

Come on you've done this before right?

You may find it hard to believe, but yes… dark chocolate is actually good for you! Well, that’s not to say that you can munch away on dark chocolate all day long and you’ll be perfectly healthy and lose weight, but it does mean you can enjoy it as a treat every now and then in the knowledge that it carries certain health benefits. Awesome!

There have been many studies relating to dark chocolate that have found that there are several health benefits to be gained from eating it. Dark chocolate is made differently to other kinds of chocolate. During the manufacturing process, a large amount of cocoa remains. With other chocolates, it gets replaced by additives and sugars. In addition, the heating process of other chocolates kills the positive health effects of the cocoa. It’s important to look out for that with 70%+ cocoa.

One of the health benefits of dark chocolate is that it helps to reduce blood pressure. It contains polyphenols which are known to reduce blood pressure whilst not effecting the individual’s body weight. It also contains magnesium which is helpful for reducing blood pressure.

In addition, dark chocolate has been shown to help improve the function of the heart as it helps the arteries to relax. Being as it contains antioxidants, it helps to prevent free radicals from harming your heart.

Dark chocolate is also shown to reduce bad cholesterol. This is because cocoa has the effect of suppressing the appetite and increasing energy.

So, if you enjoy the taste of dark chocolate, opt for dark chocolate that has the highest cocoa content, as the cocoa is responsible for all these health benefits.

If you happen to be a dark chocolate lover, you may be enjoying what you’re reading. Unfortunately though, you can’t just eat dark chocolate all day long and live healthily. While there are many health benefits, it is very high in calories. Well, you weren’t expecting it to be a super-food were you?

The good news however is that you can easily enjoy dark chocolate as a treat every now and then and if you’re using The Lunch Box Diet you’ll know you’re allowed treats. As I’m sure you’ll know, the key to a successful diet is to have good balance. Dark chocolate will certainly be a much more beneficial rare treat to have than many other snacks.

As with all types of food, moderation is the key. Dark chocolate can quite easily be included as part of your balanced diet and is a no brainer if you want to treat yourself every now and again and still get some health benefits.

If you want to use this tip and build dark chocolate into your diet (maybe without plastering it all over your face) and still lose weight then you’ll love my step-by-step proven health formula that still allows you to eat the treats you love, guilt free – click here.

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