Visceral Fat Vs Subcutaneous Fat – Which Kills?

You may be wondering, visceral and subcutaneous fat, what’s all that about Simon? I thought fat was just fat. But first let me set the scene…

Every time I go into the gym, I watch as people enter the consulting room and nip on the scales. Of course, it’s the ritual that many have hired-wired into their brains. “Let’s weigh myself…”. If it shows a drop, you feel great for the rest of the day, if it’s higher, you’re down in the dumps. I’m right aren’t I? Don’t worry, I’ve been there and it’s horrible…

But I want to stop you for a second and consider that while you may be weighing yourself in the hope that you’ll feel better when the screen shows a smaller number, there’s something much more dangerous lurking in that figure because there are two types of fat you have to worry about, and one is far more deadlier than you’d expect…

Let’s first try to learn the difference between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat and which of the two is deadlier, and eventually after being able to understand their fundamentals, we can look into ways of getting rid of them.

You see, fat is not only skin deep, there is fat that surrounds the internal organs of the body and this is called visceral fat.

Subcutaneous fat, on the other hand, is something that we can immediately see because it is the fat that is closest to the skin’s surface. The latter type of fat is obviously easier to do away with since it requires less bodily invasion making it more uncomplicated to remove and less risky.

Now, those who have more of the visceral fat are more prone to serious health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease and there are specific demographics that manifest susceptibility to developing more visceral fat in them and the short list include those who drink a lot, individuals who smoke, and people who lead lethargic lives or the eternal couch potatoes. Those who do not smoke, who just drink occasionally, and those who lead stress-less physically active lives, show very little signs of developing visceral fat and storing them for a long time.

Aside from being harder to reach than subcutaneous fat, visceral fat was previously only measured using sophisticated imaging machines but now you can pick up visceral fat monitors at a reasonable price

Oddly, an individual may seem to be outwardly healthy and still within the proper weight range but may already have tons of visceral fat congealing their body. While the liver is still at its performance peak, it breaks down the visceral fat inside the body, nevertheless, this process, while preventing its accumulation around the body’s internal organs, discharges the fat into the bloodstream in the form of cholesterol, the bad form of cholesterol otherwise known as Low Density Lipoprotein or LDL and they become the plaque that has been the cause of the blocking of the arteries.

Studies have shown that those who eat more fatty food build up more visceral fat than those who eat less fat which means that the kind of food that we eat and the amount of food intake we have are proportional to the quantity of the visceral fat that gathers in the body.

Now, subcutaneous fat, because it lies just underneath the epidermis, acts as a shock absorber and it protects the body from trauma. Aside from that, it protects the blood vessels, precious veins that are used to transport oxygen to the nerves and the skin. It also functions as the storage of extra energy which is utilized by the body when it is exposed to strenuous activity. However, too much of the subcutaneous fat can cause the skin to tighten and eventually develop that much dreaded dimples on the skin called cellulite, a condition that even liposuction would not be able to obliterate. Reversely, when subcutaneous fat is comparatively smaller in quantity, the skin layers tend to become loose and then one develops wrinkles. And that is why some people undergo fat injections in the face to beef it up and minimize the wrinkles on it.

For both types of fat, the ideal resolution to their proper reduction is healthy dieting using for example The Lunch Box Diet and guided, structured exercise.

Use The Lunch Box Diet with a structured exercise plan and you can make a massive change to your dangerous visceral fat levels...

Because fat stores energy, although having a sustainable weight loss plan is a the first step, building in exercise is vital. An independent medical study showed that those who included exercising in their weight reduction program lost fat by more than sixty percent compared to those who just controlled their eating habits.

You will be more likely to exercise, when you have lost some weight through healthy dieting, and so the Lunch Box Diet works well here because it gives you more energy throughout the day. Nobody wants to exercise when they’re tired, so healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand.

Of the two, even though subcutaneous fat has a direct effect on the way that we look on the exterior, visceral fat should invite more attention because it can kill. Plaque buildup in the in the coronary arteries can lead to complicated coronary heart disease and large amounts of cholesterol in the veins can easily cause atherosclerosis, serious health issues which when unchecked can be ultimately fatal, all because of the presence of visceral fat.

In women, the latest surveys are showing that the leading cause of death is heart disease and millions are being spent to combat the disease. The waging war against visceral fat and its lethal repercussions has led to low work productivity, hospitalization expenses that amount to millions of dollars, and even more in health care expenses. Even people with a slight amount of fat in their tummies would not be able to completely say that they are safe from the presence of visceral fat since this type of fat does its damage internally. You see, one of the chief causes of the growth of too much visceral fat is the constant presence of a high volume of carbohydrates in one’s diet and with years of consuming large amounts of starches and sugar, the body develops a high resistance to insulin and lately, the same is attributed to eating foods that have too much fructose derived from corn syrup.

The Lunch Box Diet is good at bringing vegetables and healthy carbs into your diet depending on how much you enjoy them. You can build up slowly and then see a significant imoprovement in your visceral fat levels as the weeks and months pass.

So, if you love your family and mainly yourself, then getting rid of the visceral fat inside you should be a major priority. Aside from the aesthetic effect that it will have on you (fashion has put a fit tummy up on a pedestal), no amount of money can match the benefits of a healthy, fat free body.

The combination of a nutritious, low fat, high protein diet with healthy carbs and a tactical exercise program can pave the way for a healthier, better looking you – and you will get there.

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