Lose As Much Weight You Can For The Length Of The Show...

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 14 Day Rapid Fat Flush Weight Loss Challenge 2011 - Your Jungle Mission Is To Lose Some Serious Body Fat Starts Sunday 13th at 9pm...

Please use the comments below to let me know you're in...


Hey everyone…

So, I came up with an idea to setup a mini weight loss challenge that I thought would be fun. All you have to do is challenge yourself to lose as much weight as you can during this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on ITV. This is a simple two week challenge with the intention of getting you in the momentum of weight loss ready for those Christmas and new year parties coming up… Here’s the full line up and I’d love to know who you’d like to win when you introduce yourself below in the comments…

Remember, the actual challenge is FREE TO TAKE PART. If you’re already using The Lunch Box Diet, great, you can take part. If you’re new to The Lunch Box Diet, you can get started via the link below (I’ve inlcuded a special £1 offer) and if you were on The Lunch Box Diet but stopped, here’s a great reason to get started again.

If this challenge goes well and we have lots of people involved then I’ll start running more challenges during popular TV shows and change it a little bit each time, but for this one, becuase it’s only a 2 week challenge there won’t be any before and after photos required this time around (there will be for challenges in the future that go on for longer), it’s simply to get you going, but there are some rules…

Biggest Loser UK Contestant Joanne Leighton Joins Challenge

I’m pleased to say that we have a Biggest Loser contestant on board with us. Joanne Leighton who was put through her paces in the last season is taking part in the challenge. Joanne is looking to lose more weight and will be using The Lunch Box Diet as part of her plan to reach her goal.

Let’s get as many people involved in this challenge as possible. Please pass this challenge on and lose some serious weight in just 2 weeks!

I’m A Celebrity Weight Loss Challenge Rules

  • Record your weight and waist measurement on Sunday 13th November 2011
  • You must eat a lunch box for each day the show is on, without fail
  • You must exercise for each day the show is on, without fail for at least 30 minutes (you could even exercise while the show is on, say if you have a stationary bike or home rower!)
  • You should not fill your box full of creatures from your garden, I have no details of their nutritional value ;-) However, I would like you to try at least 5 new items in your box per week – this will give you great new ideas for keeping it fun and varied. This could be a simple change from any of the three main food groups. Maybe you’ve not tried Capers before, or a certain type of fish? Seek new tastes!
  • If you fail to complete the challenge, you must find the closest house spider, slug or worm and eat it, video it and post it on youtube ;-) okay maybe I’m just joking on this one, but seriously – come on here and say why you didn’t manage it!
  • You must introduce yourself on the comments below and post your results on this page after the show!

Optional Show Exercise Challenges

Special Offer For New Lunch Box Dieters - Start Now For £1 & Pay After The Show Finishes (when you’ve lost weight)…

Remember, this challenge is FREE TO TAKE PART!  But for those of you who have not started The Lunch Box Diet yet, you have the chance to start for £1 and pay the remaining payment after 2 weeks (the length of the show). I think this is a great way for you to get started. If you would like to see what’s included in your package please click here…

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19 Responses to “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Transformation Challenge 2011”

  1. Ingrid says:

    Great challenge, count me in!

  2. Louise says:

    Well, after viewing the videos and knowing that my current fitness is well below what it should be I am thinking I’m going to be sweating a lot during this I’m a Celeb but… I’m in!!

  3. Tina Royles says:

    Hi Simon, sounds like a fantastic idea and a great challenge. Please count me in.

  4. Jenny says:

    I’m in too! Have really been struggling with motivation and been having loads of sugar cravings (similar to when I gave up smoking years ago!!). So this could just be what I need to get back on track again! Looking forward to more energy, and generally feeling better very soon! Good luck everyone!!

  5. Royston says:

    I love this show. Look forward to the challenge

  6. sarah says:

    maybe just what I need :)

  7. Sajeda Sheikh says:

    Sounds great I’m in

  8. leeanne says:

    Count me in

  9. leeanne says:

    I fell off the bandwagon awhile ago so count me in

  10. leeanne says:

    How do we watch the show im in australia

  11. Charlotte says:

    This is a great idea! I’ve decided to avoid the January blues and start my new years resolutions now and this should defo help me lose that stone I’ve always promised myself I would.


  12. CJ says:

    Sounds like a plan, I’m in…have a really fab dress for Christmas I could do with getting into :-)

  13. leeanne says:

    ok ill have a look

  14. leeanne says:

    its online if its 9pm uk it will be 3pm here correct?

  15. leeanne says:

    cant find anywhere to watch it even though its going to be filmed in australia its not on our tv :( now what do i do

  16. Andy says:

    I lost my way a bit after a fantastic start – 5 weeks, lost 1 stone – fell ill & had a lot of personal issues to deal with, put 5lb back on :(
    I had lost the stone just from boxes – no exercise, so this challenge will help big time!!
    So, do we start on the Sunday (seen as it doesn’t start until 21:00hrs.), or the Monday?
    I’m gonna blitz this & get some serious results to really get my (fat) ass into gear – cheers Simon!!

  17. Jo says:

    Worth a go! Just joined a very cheap but very good gym and keen to get going, 7 lbs here we go!

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