21 Amazingly Tasty & Super Healthy Lunch Box Ideas To Burn Fat

Great lunch box ideas

If you’re looking for exciting and tasty lunch box ideas that are healthy as well as tasty then look no further. In this post I have brought together a collection of images from my own personal lunch boxes that I have been creating over the past few months that follow the guidelines of the Lunch Box Diet.

The main thing to note about these boxes is that they’re not all eaten at once. When you do this, we fill ourselves up, which means we become sluggish and tired. By grazing throughout the day or eating ‘little and often’ we balance our blood sugar levels and lose fat. Additional benefits of these boxes are improved hair, skin and nails, health and energy. These boxes are great becuase most people make bad decisions based on hunger. When you always have your lunch box with you you’ll never need to wonder where your next meal is coming from!

These lunch box ideas should give you enough to go on, but if you want full recipes, an entire plan to follow as well as VIP support in the community then head to www.lunchboxdiet.co.uk to find out more, I’m always posting the full recipes in my VIP area! Click here to find out more.

Check out this Lunch Box Ideas Video (pics below)

With all of my lunch boxes, they have to follow four group (A, B, C, D) forumula which really ensures that you’re getting the correct combination of foods to accelerate fat burning. Once you make the swicth to grazing you’ll find it hard to turn back! In addition, these lunch box ideas are perfect for office workers, stay at home mums, busy executives, those who work on the move… If you can pack a lunch box (use a cool bag if you need to), then you really can transform your eating habits forever!

Lunch Box Ideas…

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