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Main Lunch Box Diet Package Products
The Lunch Box Diet: Original Ebook

This is the original ebook that won rave reviews in the likes of Elle Magazine, calling it ‘the best diet ever’. This is the perfect quickstart guide to The Lunch Box Diet. In this ebook you’ll learn how to finally reach your ideal weight with no calorie counting, stress or silly meals. You’ll be able to instantly put together simple, fast lunch boxes that strip your weight off within a matter of days. Not only that, but you’ll also gain improved hair, skin and nails.

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The Lunch Box Diet: Audio System

Now you can listen to the extended version of The Lunch Box Diet, exclusive in the audio version which you can play on your ipod, computer or burn to a CD. Includes 7 modules. Sit back and listen to Simon as he talks you through how to implement the famous dieting plan into your life. Then simply implement the plan into your life and you’ll be on a fast track to weight loss, improved energy, amazing skin and health benefits.

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The Lunch Box Diet: 60 Tasty Boxes

Simon has devised a collection of his most tasty lunch boxes, so if you’re running out of recipes for The Lunch Box Diet, 60 Tasty Boxes is your answer. Inside you’ll find mouth watering box reicipes covering all food groups so whether you love chicken, fish, meat or something a bit more exotic, you’ll find it here. Never again should you be short of ideas after reading 60 Tasty Boxes.

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The Lunch Box Diet: Breakfast & Dinner Cookbook

So, you’ve got your luch boxes sorted out, but what about making your breakfast and evening meals more healthy? This new Breakfast & Dinner cookbook will give you the recipes you need to start making tasty meals either side of your health packed lunch box. If you feel it’s time to step up your game and finally start eating healthier meals then grab this ebook now and start implementing these today.

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Other Lunch Box Diet Products

The Lunch Box Diet: Slim Soups

A fantastic addition to The Lunch Box Diet system becuase you can use these specially designed recipes in a couple of ways – you can use them as a dexox, so for example, intsead of Lunch Boxes for a week you can have soups for a week, or if you just fancy a change – they’ve been designed around the same famous combination as The Lunch Box Diet with the same Group A) B) C) D) system. Alternatively you could stick with your box and have a slim soup instead of your evening meal. The Lunch Box Diet Slim soups are tasty and there are 50 of them so you’ll never get bored.

WAS £19.95 £9.95 – Instant Download

The Lunch Box Diet: Dream Body Workout

If you’re looking for a 90 day fitness plan to compliment The Lunch Box Diet that you can use at home, or in the gym then look no further than The Dream Body Workout. A progressive 3 phase system, you’ll see your body start to tone up within just a couple of weeks of starting this plan, designed so that you can accelerate your weight loss results and get super confident fast. It’s time for you to get your dream body, now!

WAS £47.00 £27.00 – Instant Download

The Lunch Box Diet: Vegetarian Fat Meltdown

If you’re a vegetarian and want specific recipes for breakfast, lunch boxes and evening meals for The Lunch Box Diet look no further. You’ll find a huge selection in this ebook allowing you to lose weight, get, slim, toned and sexy. This product should be combined with either the Lunch Box Diet ebook or audio guide. Please note:, this ebook contains some fish recipes, though the ebook outlines a simple replacement so you can switch fish for another protein source, so don’t let this put you off if you’re not a fish eater.

WAS £19.95 £9.95 – Instant Download

The Lunch Box Diet: For Men

Written specifically for the male market, if you’re a guy who needs to lose weight and wants to tone up and get fit at the same time, this is the best investment you could make in your body. Simple to follow, but designed for maximum impact, you’ll find everything you need in this packed guide complete with recipes, 90 day 3 phase fitness plan and awesome tips to boost your testosterone and become the confident guy you want to be.

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