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Supercharge Yourself To Optimum Health With The All New Rolls-Royce Of Fat Loss Systems Used By My High Profile London VIPs & Red Carpet Celebrity Clients & Now Available To YOU”

The Lunch Box Diet Takes You From A-B. If You’ve Been Using It t For 30 Days Or More (or are already at a high nutrition level) Let Lunch Box Diet Supercharge Take You From Healthy To Ultimate High Performance…

The Go-To Expert For Health & Fat Loss On ITV This Morning. Now I’m Ready To Help You Transform…

Dear Friend

Your body loves you. Actually it loves you so much that it will do absolutely everything it can to stop you losing fat at the rate that you want it. You see, to your body it still believes that you’re still running around chasing rabbits to eat and making dandelion tea and if it stops you losing fat easily, it gives you more chance of survival.

Why do you think so many traditional diets fail to produce results in the long term?

To trick this complicated mechanism, I have been using nutrition secrets with all my celebrity clients and television weight loss successes for well over 10 years now. One of the systems I utilise is grazing. So when I met with my long-time friend and fellow ‘fat loss coach’ I was excited to hear about the Lunchbox Diet ‘grazing system’ and how it had taken the weight loss industry by storm. Needless to say we spent many hours discussing our favourite topic (I know, I promise, we do have a life!) and how we implemented the grazing system and the hugely beneficial habits that it brought to individuals.

We then began to discuss the methods that I personally use to overcome sticking points, stubborn fat loss areas, allergies, intolerances and generally re-ignite that all important fat burning furnace. All of a sudden it seemed we both shared a ‘eureka moment’ and Simon uttered the words ‘Lunchbox Diet Supercharged’.

Out came the notebook and pencil and in no time at all the contents of the system were drawn up and we were both very excited!

The Lunchbox Diet Supercharged was born. I had a lot of work to do!

I’m very proud to bring my life’s experience and knowledge to you in this concise system that will take those all important grazing habits and ensure you continue to lose fat and rid your body of ‘bingo wings’, cellulite and ‘man-boobs’ while ensuring you achieve optimum health and vitality…

What’s The Reason You Haven’t Got Results In The Past?

The Wrong Training Program?

It’s probably one of the factors. But even so, I’ve seen many times people working out intensely (as they should be) at regular planned out times, with changes to their workouts and enough rest to induce repair, but still, absolutely no change in their appearance! What could be holding them back?

You’ve Tried Loads of ‘diets’, Could It Be Bad Genetics?

In a word, NO! Sorry, not what you wanted to hear? More often than not this is a combination of the wrong knowledge, lack of motivation and an excuse. I have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, all corners of the globe with different cultures and abilities. Not one single person has ever left me without fantastic results and not one has ever been passed on as having ‘bad genetics’. Everyone can put on muscle and everyone can lose fat.

Do You Want To Know What The Real Problem Is?

Are you going to the gym 5 days a week for an hour or so? That equates to just 3% of your time! What are you doing with your remaining 97%?

The limiting factor in almost every circumstance I have ever been faced with is……..NUTRITION! Too many people are following ‘cookie-cutter’ celeb starvation diets or lacking real nutrition knowledge!

And it’s no wonder. Poor nutrition is EVERYWHERE! You can’t fill up your car now without being presented with offers on HUGE bags of sweets, magazines on the shelves telling you about the latest crazy fad celebrity diet and fridges laden with so-called ‘fresh’ produce emblazoned with the words ‘LOW FAT’ and full to the brim with processed carbohydrates and sugar!

So the ultimate goal is to achieve optimum health, because when you are in possession of health, the very foundation, everything functions correctly; hormones, enzymes and systems and what follows is a body that you’ve always wanted.

So we’re achieving a natural state within our bodies and getting it to function in the way that it should and then our body has no choice but to achieve its natural body composition and at the same time we are stress free, not wired up with caffeine fat burners and clogged up with artificial sweeteners. It’s all very well me telling you this but what is good nutrition?

Here’s The Good News, The Solution Is My Proven Step-By-Step System

The complete system that encompasses my lifetime’s work, the very system used by me and my many celebrity clients in preparation for a new series’, film and photo shoots.

Not only will you get a flat tummy and glowing skin, you’ll wake so alert and vibrant that you’re actually looking forward to whatever the day brings. You’ll prevent food allergies and intolerances, prevent bloating and water retention, reduce cravings, balance hormones, rid your body from stubborn fat areas, improve gut health and your performance in the gym.

I’ve spent my life studying nutrition. From the first minute I could understand a sentence strung together by my parents I was subjected to the benefits of how food could make you look, feel and prevent disease. You see, at the time they were at the forefront of bringing health foods and supplements to the UK and since then I have spent literally thousands of hours learning, researching, teaching and testing on myself and others, keeping what works and ditching what doesn’t. Now you get all of that information planted into your brain, forever!

Supercharged is a complete optimum nutrition system that encompasses all this knowledge and experience into one simple system that leaves no stone left unturned in the quest for dramatic, rapid changes in your body, inside and out!

You Need To Supercharge Yourself If…

  • You’ve already completed at least 30 days on the ‘Lunchbox Diet’ and you’ve formed the habits of grazing.
  • You’ve not been on the lunchbox diet but you’re used to eating regularly throughout the day.
  • You have a fairly good handle on nutrition.
  • You’ve tried everything and still can’t get the results you want.
  • You get bloated tired feelings after you eat with water retention.
  • You have stubborn fat areas.
  • You’re fed up with calorie counting.
  • You’re tired of starvation diets.

Changes From The Lunch Box Diet…

  • Tactics to prevent food intolerances & food allergies ensuring continuous fat loss.
  • Measures to rid water retention.
  • Balances fat loss hormones.
  • Prevents stubborn fat loss.
  • Next-level optimum health.
  • Reduced toxins.
  • Top fat loss breakfasts.
  • Next-level evening meals.
  • How to utilize cheat meals to work for you!

Supercharged Success Stories… You’re Next!

“I’d tried absolutely EVERYTHING from; detox weekends to bootcamps; carb free to fat free and even crazy cayenne pepper drinks and cabbage soup! Nothing worked, well, it did for a very short time and I was always starving myself or putting myself through extreme pain. And that’s all after just 90 days on the supercharged system. A 3 stone loss and ALL of it FAT! Not water, not muscle, not bone, just fat. I was 35% body fat and I’m now 19%. For the first time since I was a teenager, I’M SLIM!”

Sian Roger, 34, Housewife

“I was so frustrated. I was dieting far too much and exercising too hard and this left me in tears. After taking Justin’s advice, I got into my first size 10 jeans of my life and even as a teenager I could never fit in those!”
Leonora, 39, Teacher, Suffolk
Module 1 – Taking Yourself To The Next Level

  • What makes up a supercharged fat loss breakfast for optimum health?
  • Why you need to be different than 40% of the population to get the body you want.
  • The ins and outs of insulin and the impact it will have on your weight.
  • How quickly to eat after you wake and exactly what to eat.
  • What to do if you don’t like to eat breakfast and the reasons why you might be skipping it at the moment.
  • Plus much more…

Module 2 – How To Supercharge Your Breakfasts

  • What makes up a supercharged fat loss breakfast for optimum health?
  • Why you need to be different than 40% of the population to get the body you want.
  • The ins and outs of insulin and the impact it will have on your weight.
  • How quickly to eat after you wake and exactly what to eat.
  • What to do if you don’t like to eat breakfast and the reasons why you might be skipping it at the moment.
  • Plus much more…

Module 3 – Optimised Nutrition Lunch Boxes

  • How to get over your sticking point with your most stubborn fat.
  • Why some food groups can cause allergies.
  • The ‘repeat food’ problems 4 day rule.
  • How often to vary your boxes for supercharged affects.
  • Which boxes to use to stop depression.
  • Which foods to rotate in your box to stop bloating.
  • The 4-Day Detox secret.
  • How to find out if your hormones are out of whack.
  • The lunch box cellulite solution.
  • Reasons and best organic choices for fast fat burning.
  • Why your make-up could be keeping you fat.
  • The ‘Dirty Dozen’ foods.
  • Sprouting to stimulate fat loss.
  • Why seeds are essential for vitality.
  • Justin’s ‘Soaking’ system.
  • Which green is actually healthier when steamed?
  • The green you should never cook!
  • Best ‘dipping’ greens revealed.
  • Ultimate lunch box bulkers that will supercharge your health.
  • Cabbage Taco trick.
  • Plus much more…

Module 4 – Maximum Success Cheat Meals

  • How to make metabolism your friend.
  • A simple strategy to ‘trick nature’ and help you lose more fat
  • Why it is easy to put on fat and how to finally get rid of it with cheat meals.
  • How often and when to use fat as your friend.
  • Stopping protein breakdown.
  • When to prime your body to put fat back on to increase fat burning.
  • The correct time to eat a cheat meal to trick your body to burn fat.
  • 6 Golden Rules of the perfect cheat meal.
  • When should you eat your cheat meal for the best results?
  • How many cheat meals to eat per week for the best results.
  • The cheat meal to never eat.
  • Justin’s ‘Bum Off Seat’ sneaky trick.
  • Plus much more…

 Simon & Justin’s 140 Minute ‘Results Supercharge’ Platinum Fat Loss Coaching Call
(Worth Buying Just For This!)

Simon hosted a very special group coaching session along with celebrity trainer and ITV This Morning’s health expert Justin Lord which lasted almost 2 1/2 hours, finding the sticking points of everyone on the call and delivering exceptional strategic coaching answers - several lightbulb moments were generated during this groundbreaking session. Simon & Justin charge £150 per hour for their time so for those on the call the information was pure gold-dust.

Module 5 – Overcoming The Calorie Trap

  • Why we become highly acidic and how that translates into gaining fat.
  • Calorie marketing exposed, what to watch out for.
  • The differences in types of energy food.
  • A 1944 food study that still applies today and will shock you.
  • The horrific problems of starvation diets.
  • What is the bread and pasta tree?
  • Why fat intake is critical for fat loss.
  • The importance of calorie composition.
  • Plus much more…

Module 6 – High Performance Success Strategies

  • The food you should never eat before bed.
  • Why electro-magnetic fields could be affecting your weight
  • The supplement you should take before you sleep top optimize your fat loss results.
  • More reasons to stop slow cardio training.
  • The 20 minute workout that burns more belly fat than a 30-40 minute workout to give you 30 x more fat burning.
  • The top exercise to implement 3 x per week.
  • What drink to avoid after exercise that is hindering your progress.
  • A top vegan fat destroying strategy.
  • Justin’s top way to detoxify.
  • The best time to ‘sugar overload’.
  • The truth about tap water + estrogen production.
  • Supplements exposed – which ones are right for fat loss?
  • Why you should ignore all RDA figures on food packaging.
  • The true ‘happy pill’ that is a life essential.
  • A new ‘tracking’ trick that will supercharge your fat loss and optimize your health.
  • Plus many many more awesome success strategies…

Justin's Supercharged 60 Day 'No Results No Pay' 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m super passionate about reaching your goal and I’m certain that if you implement what I teach you in my system, YOU WILL lose fat and take youself to a new level in your life, just like my high profile celebrity clients do week in, week out and why they pay me £150 per session for my time. If for some reason, Lunch Box Diet Supercharge doesn’t exceed your expectations, you can ask for every penny of your money back.

Option 1 – Lunch Box Diet Supercharged ONLY
(I’m Already A Lunch Box Dieter)

Pick this option if you have been using the Lunch Box Diet for 30 days or more, you already have the grazing technique in place and it’s a habit for you. You’re ready to take it to the next level.

Just £149