Simon Says: “The Sexy Body Drop A Size 1 Month Challenge Starts March 18th”

From now on, when you see the ‘Simon Says’ words, you should know that there may be a challenge on the horizon! So I was sat down yesterday, can’t quite remember what I was doing and an idea sprang to mind. On the 18th April, it’s my Birthday, and as well as me celebrating on the day, thought it would be a great idea if you could celebrate too. Celebrate what Simon what you might be thinking?

Well here’s what can happen to you in 30 short days.

  • Dropping a dress or jean size.
  • Double your energy levels.
  • Decreasing your stress by at least 30%
  • Setting up a new lifestyle for yourself.
  • Reach a brand new fitness level.

There you go, that’s 5 things that I want you to celebrate, on my birthday! I mean, I want to come back to this page on that day and see YOU write how much this challenge has helped you!

Now it’s just a case of how we set this in motion.

So, here’s how it’s going to work, the challenge starts on March 18th and ends on my bithrday April 18th – that’s one month to reach each of the goals above. Easy!

This post is the official page for the challenge, so you need to now comment below and let me know that you’re in, and you can use this page to come back and start interacting with others and to keep you motivated.

Here are some other little challenges during the 30 days… Remember everyone, this is a CHALLENGE, it’s meant to be tough or it wouldn’t be called a challenge! If you don’t follow through on any of these, unfortunately you’re out, and you need to declare on which day you dropped out. Be honest!

The Rules – Yes, This Time There’s Rules!

  • You are not allowed to weigh yourself on this challenge. You may use a tape measure around your waist, that is it! No more scales!
  • You must cut out all sugar from your diet. Say goodbye to all desserts! One portion of Low-Gi fruit only is allowed per day which can come from: Cherries, Plums, Grapefruit, Peaches, Apples, Pears, Dried Apricots, Grapes, Coconut, Kiwi, Oranges, Stawberries, Prunes. Remember though that by using the Lunch Box Diet you will balance your blood sugar so doing this challenge is made A LOT easier just by doing your boxes!
  • No alcohol for 30 days!
  • You must complete 4 x exercise sessions per week lasting at least 30 minutes.
  • You should cut out all soft drinks, pop, squash. Remember this is SUGAR!
  • You must prepare your own meals. No microwave meals, no takeaways. Get the crap out of your diet!

Remember, this is designed to form some new habits!

You need to be using the Lunch Box Diet – click here if you’re not already signed up and in the VIP Facebook Group, but you can use any fitness system you like. The new kid on the block that is generating some great results for people is P90x Home Workout System. Check out the reviews and see if it’s for you.

Alternatively you could start using one of the following. These are both good systems.

Turbulence Training (great for guys and girls)

Flavia Del Monte’s Flavialicious Fitness (aimed at women)

Are you in? Let me know in the facebook comments below and use this page throughout the compo, get the discussion going!!! Spread the word and see if your work colleagues want to take it up. Make it an office challenge too!

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29 Responses to “Simon Says: “The Sexy Body Drop A Size 1 Month Challenge Starts March 18th””

  1. Fatima says:

    I’m in I’ll join this challenge and I’ll celebrate in my birthday April 13th, and now I’m going for shopping for my lunchbox diet and last thank you sooooo much Simon for yor motivation :)

  2. Jandrie Marais says:

    I’m in for this challenge!

  3. Leonie says:

    Yes – count me in!! I’m ready and can’t wait to see how I do :-) Thanks Simon x

  4. Linda says:

    Hummm….not sure about this. My birthday is on the 27th and we already have reservations at a very swanky restaurant. (You only turn 64 once…lol) I’d like to join, but can’t disappoint my husband because he’s trying to make up for a few years when he worked on my b-day. I know I won’t over eat, but the alcohol for that one night is the problem….and dessert. He has this all planned and I need this more than you will ever know. So, I’ll try and follow the rules except for that day and will just not really “join”. It’s the best I can do for now.

  5. fowzia says:

    I’m in for this challenge.

    I need ur help on the stuff i should eat as i stay in india and most of the ingredients in the recipes mentioned on ur site are not available her.its the love handles that are my major concern.. and no flesh on my cheek bones..
    I have a wedding to attend in may.. and i will get in shape well in time to attend it..

  6. Jenny Lewis says:

    After much deliberation I’m in too! I’m such a sugar junkie, so I
    nervous about whether I can do it or not. But I guess that’s the whole point of the challenge!!

  7. Elizabeth (Lizzie) says:

    Ok..I am in ! I will do my very best.To go down one more dress size would be just perfect :)
    It will be a challenge I have to be honest.

  8. Charlotte says:

    I’m up for the challenge, my birthday’s in April and I’ve just bought a dress which is a little too small!!!

  9. Karla Varosiova says:

    I am in it. I will try my best. :)

  10. Annie says:

    I would like to take part. What is the procedure Simon?

  11. Becky says:

    I’m in I have been on the diet for 3 days so far and I think a challenge is in order to boost my motivation. Desperately want to lose 2 stone by June

  12. Carmen Wong says:

    I would like to take up this challenge!

  13. Helen says:

    Lets do it!

  14. natalie kempson says:

    im in Simon, love a chanallege so i will do anything to lose weight – EXCELLENT no sugars – can do that!! fingers cross it goes well !!

  15. Lorna says:

    I’m definitely in Simon! The challenge is that I’m doing all of this already but my weight is going nowhere. I get uncontrollable carb cravings at night that sabotage everything I do correctly during the day. But I’ll see how it goes.

  16. Julie says:

    Yes! Vacation is in 3 months! Thanks Simon!

  17. bolanle says:

    I’m totally, definetely in Simon i would love to form some new habits and shift some weight at the same time

  18. Anthony says:

    I am more than in Simon. Cant wait. Thank you for motivating us all.

  19. Aelis says:

    I m in!

  20. Gemma Waring says:

    Although it fills me with dread I’m in. Alcohol and exercise no problem but the sugar thing eeeeeekkkkk. Though the motivation of a dropping a dress size will get me through

  21. Annie says:

    OK first day of challenge, I had a one egg mushroom omelette for bricky and an now drinking my first cup of tea without sugar, not so good, but I know I am going to get used to it!

  22. Clare Bailey says:

    I am in. But where do I start?

  23. Natalie says:

    Hi am I too late to Join in??

  24. Sally says:

    Ok, day one proper (mothers day was a planned cheat day with the whole family over). I have ditched my coffee with sugar and am heading out of the door in a minute for a run. The amazing weather helps of course. I’m saving my fruit as a treat for tonight and am going shopping in a bit for yummy lunchbox ingredients.
    Have a great day.

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