Breaking Cancer News Reveals 40 Per Cent Coud Be Avoided By New Lifestyle Choices

Well it was only yesterday that I put this status on the Lunch Box Diet facebook page about making a decision to be healthy now, not say after Christmas or the new year period and now this news…

If there’s ever a time to ditch the ‘it’s never going to happen to me’ attitude then the time is now. A new major study by the Cancer Research UK report has revealed some shocking information that may make you sit up and start making a proper change to your lifestyle. It shows that a massive 38% of cancers are linked to smoking, unhealthy food choices, with lack of vegetables being top of the list for both men and women (now I’m even more happy at how many veggies are in my diet!). This also proves that it isn’t about your genes and you have a choice you can make right now to decide how long you live for.

Over 100,000 cases of cancer have now been linked to the top four of lifestyle choices – Smoking, Diet, Alcohol and Obesity.

The report also indicates that 40% of Cancers in Women and 45% of cancers in men, could be prevented.

It’s come to a shock many in the health industry that vegetables are such a big player in the fight against cancer for both men and women, yet everyone always talks about antioxidants and power foods such as greens and berries.

For many the taste of the vegetables don’t sit very well, but that’s normally down to being so used to foods that are taking you in the wrong direction – take aways, sweets and everything I teach in the ‘ugly’ list of the diet. For starters, it’s just a good idea to start building up the amount of veggies you eat every day. Now you know that you’re moving not only towards a better body in the mirror, but an improved health and preventing this terrible disease.

5 Steps – Here’s What To Do, Right Now To Help Prevent Cancer

Based on the information in the Cancer Research report, I’ve put a list of the action steps you need to take immediately if you want prevent cancer.


Step 1: Stop Smoking (15.6%)
Step 2: Eat Right & Exercise More (6.9%)
Step 3: Stop Your Sunbeds (3.6%)
Step 4: Eat More Veggies (3.4%)
Step 5: Cut Down On Alcohol  (3.3%)


Step 1: Stop Smoking (23%)
Step 2: Eat More Veggies (6.1%)
Step 3: Look At Your Job – Does It Stress, Harm You? (3.6%)
Step 4: Eat Right & Exercise More (3.4%)
Step 5: Stop Your Sunbeds  (3.3%)

I hope you found this useful, now you can start to put into place action steps to help protect yourself. Remember your Group A) Vegetables is the most vital – it’s always been that way,  but now you know for sure that it’s going to not only help you drop the pounds but give you more time on this planet!

Come on peeps, if you haven’t made a change already, surely this is the news you need! Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this breaking story. Have you been affected by Cancer in your family?

RIP Grandma Lovell, who was taken by Cancer. x

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