African Mango Extract – Can It Really Help You Lose Weight? (Must Read)

African Mango Extract - Can It Help You Lose Weight?

If you’ve been looking into weight loss solutions in the past few months you may have stumbled upon African Mango Extract pills. The extract is supposedly a breakthrough way to lose weight quickly without any side-effects.

African Mango extract got lots of attention from people after Dr Oz, a leading medical doctor in the United States labelled the extract as a “breakthrough supplement” that can help people to shed 10lbs of body fat in a matter of weeks.

The African mango, which is also known as the “bush mango”, is a tropical fruit that grows in Western African rainforests in Cameroon.

Supplementing your diet with African Mango Extract  is said to reduce your appetite and lower your daily intake of calories. It is also said to increase your levels of natural hormones that are responsible for regulating your bodies metabolism. This results in calories being burned at a quicker speed.

The extract, which is called ‘Irvinia Gabonesis’ is a water soluble fibre, meaning it expands and is “bulk forming”. It binds sugars in order to slow down the rate of sugar absorption inside your body.

Water soluble fibres like this bind to acids in the stomach, which can result in lower LDL cholesterol as the soluble fibres bind to bile acids in the stomach. Sound confusing I know, but in other words it decreases the amount of “bad cholesterol” in the body.

Another reason people are raving over this extract is that there are no known side-effects. As a completely 100% natural extract there’s no risks in taking it.

African Mango Extract Sounds good, doesn’t it?

As great as this extract sounds, there’s no doubt that lots of people will try out the product and get angry because they don’t see results.

This is the same story every time we see a new ‘superpill’ on the market.  People will research the supplement, know all of the health benefits it will supposedly bring them, but then they will call it a scam because they didn’t see results personally.

This happens because these people do not use the supplements in the right way. They totally forget that these products are not the key to losing weight – they are just there to help speed up the process.

If you don’t have a healthy dieting routine in place already with a good mixture of fruit and vegetables, and you eat appropriately sized meals at the right intervals, no supplement will ever help you, not even African Mango Extract.

Remember, these products are called ‘supplements’ for a reason. They are a supplement, not a solution. It is your overall diet and lifestyle that will really make the difference.

So if you’re serious about losing weight, get your overall dieting plan in place first. Then you can think about taking a supplement to aid your progress. Also, beware of scams with these kinds of products. We saw this when Acai Berry products became popular – many offer ‘free trials’ where people unknowingly sign up for expensive subscriptions, and many of the products you can find online and in supermarkets are just budget watered down crap being pushed by profit hungry retailers.

If you want a healthy superdrink, try Zambroza- from Nature’s Sunshine it’s not cheap, but it’s packed full of goodness and will compliment a healthy diet such as the LBD and contains Mangosteen as well as Green Tea, Blueberries, Wolfberry and many more listed here.

Never rely on just one type of product – you need a balanced a varied diet plan to help you lose weight successfully.

Remember, you’ll get even more benefit by mixing your lead protein, fruits and veggies using The Lunch Box Diet and you’ll be able to sustain your weight for life. In fact, chop off some mango pieces, and toss them into your lunch box and you’ll get a massive flavor burst.

Have you been scammed in the past? Le me know in the comments below, expose these companies!

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