The Best Diet For You in 2012 – Simon’s 6 Point Superslim Checklist

Find the best diet for you in 2012

You’re probably wondering, what’s the best diet for you to pick in 2012? It’s the new year and you probably feel full, bloated and lacking in energy and motivation. You’re back to work, looking down at your belly, wishing, just wishing that you hadn’t eaten the mince pies, puddings, overate on christmas day, drank too much on new year or refused to to exercise because the call of the television and relaxation was too strong.

Well it’s time to put all of that behind you. It’s time to make 2012 the best year and one that really is a fresh change for you. Maybe you want to change your job or dump other things in your life that have been holding you back. And although some of that may come, it’s first a good idea to make sure that you pick the right diet and nutrition plan so you don’t find yourself yo-yo dieting within a month and back to the same old you.

In my opinion there are few key factors that make up what we could determine as the best diet of 2012, or any year of that matter.

1 – Sustainable
Here’s the most important off all. If the diet you’re planning on using isn’t sustainable then chances are you will revert back to the old you at some point. So, watch out for fad diet plans that just don’t ‘feel right’. If your gut is telling you something, listen to it. So, a diet with baby food, one where you can only eat carrots, or some soup – can you sustain that for life? No. 2012 should be the tear when you make this a LIFESTYLE CHANGE for you, once and for all. I’ve been told many times that The Lunch Box Diet has become a ‘way of life’ which is just another word for sustainable which is fantastic. In fact, the email I get over and over again are these words ‘it doesn’t feel like a diet’. Awesome!

2 – Fun
Okay, so onto number two and if the diet you pick in 2012 isn’t at all fun, then what are the chances of that diet becoming sustainable? The same goes for exercising! My dieters who are always interacting on the facebook page of The Lunch Box Diet know that it’s fun because they see me doing it and also report to me how different it is from other diet plans out there. Plus, because there are so many different ingredients to choose from and the lunch boxes are so tasty, going shopping in the supermarket becomes a fun mission, when you’re always thinking ‘what can I have in my box tomorrow’. You can find, exciting new ingredients / combinations to try out. Then comes the box creation part, and that’s where you actually get to taste a fantastic box and lose weight at the same time.

3. Never Hungry
The death of a diet comes very quickly when you’re restricted on calories so much that you’re always wondering when the next meal will come. Imagine it, you’re sitting there at work on your horrible diet that says you can only eat so much. Not only does this get you frustrated, but it also affects your work and stress levels. Oh no, a healthy diet will allow you to never become hungry and that happens by allowing you to eat THE RIGHT FOODS more often than the WRONG FOODs not very often. So, yes on The Lunch Box Diet you will be eating vegetables and lean proteins and mouth watering dressings, but because of this you can eat more of it.

4. Gives You More Than Weight Loss
Imagine if you started a diet in 2012 and yes you started to see some weight loss results, but then after a short amount of time, you started to really notice other benefits. Almost like a secret bonus in your pay packet. Well any ‘lifestyle plan’ should really bring a host of other benefits such as health (strangely, some diets aren’t healthy at all), energy, improved skin and hair condition and much more.
You see, when you’re losing weight, you need all of these because ultimately when you reach your ideal weight (which you will, don’t worry), you want to feel more confident. Confidence comes when you’re energized, looking and feeling good. So, when you finally pick the best diet for you in 2012, make sure it’s not about getting weight off you so quickly that it makes you unhealthy, slows you down and makes your skin and hair look bad, because we both know that you won’t be happy at all then! Fortunately Lunch Box Dieters are ones that have all of the above and more.

5. Easy
The best diet for you is also one that is easy to follow. You’ve been there. You find a diet you think sounds good, but then after just a week or a couple of weeks you find yourself back to square one. Why? Well, chances are you found it too hard to follow. Silly meals, ingredients you couldn’t find in the shops, it didn’t give you the points in tip section 4. When a diet is easy, you’re much more likely to stay at it for a longer time, and as a result you’ll start seeing results. When that happens you become more motivated to carry on. The Lunch Box Diet was called ‘the easiest diet’ by best selling woman’s magazine Woman’s World in America when they featured it on their cover and their readers lost 19lbs in 2 weeks, and then kept it off. Amazing – and that’s something that you can get too. So, yes, make sure you pick a diet that is easy!

6. Keeps You Motivated
Okay, so I kept this for the last tip because this one actually comes as a result of all of the above tips working together in synergy. If a diet is sustainable, fun, you’re never hungry on it, gives you more than weight loss, and is easy then you will be motivated more than you have ever been before on a diet plan, and that’s exactly how you will finally lose the weight and stay motivated.

2012 is going to be the best year for you, but only if you ensure that the diet plan for you has all of the above, if it doesn’t than you may find yourself reverting back to old ways and I don’t want that for you as much as you don’t want it. But remember, you’ll only get on that positive mental path if you take massive action and get going now, not tomorrow. That’s what holds most people back from their goal. I’ll start tomorrow or next week is the biggest sign that the person will not end up reaching their goal. The first step to success is by taking action right now, in the moment.

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