4 Ways To Stop Falling Off The Wagon & Ride The Easy Journey To Your Ideal Weight

Falling off the squirrel wagon?

You’ve started your diet or fitness plan, everything is going well, and then all of a sudden, it all comes to a shuddering halt. You find your self back at square one (in your mind), and with a less motivation, you start wondering whether it’s all worth the effort. This one ‘slip’ sends you into a downward spiral and you’re left wondering whether you’ll ever be happy in your own skin.

Well first of all, I want to tell you, YES IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT!

I’m going to tell you right now, this happens to me on a regular basis, but I’ve learnt ways of tackling the dreaded ‘falling off the wagon’ issue over the years and try and look at it in a different way (which I’ll come onto shortly). In this post I’m going to reveal to you my own personal strategies, and then some ideas and thoughts that may work for you.

You may be wondering why I decided to write the post. Now I do mention this a lot, but there’s good reason for that. At the end of 2011 I setup a private VIP group for those who decided to invest my Lunch Box Diet fat loss system. I really didn’t expect to be as useful as it is. Not only has it given me the chance to get to know my clients much better but I regularly watch the comments and find out what day to day struggles they’re having – since the area is private, everyone can be very open and share their struggles without the worry of the world seeing in. It really does give me a great insight and just makes me want to find a solution to the sticking points and challenges. That gives me a huge buzz. Most of all I care about each and every one person who’s using my system. It’s not just a one hit wonder. I’m riding the same wave everyone; day in, day out.

‘I’ve fallen off the wagon’ is  something that has cropped up in the VIP area on more than one occasion. Now you may be thinking, why would I go and tell you that those using The Lunch Box Diet are ‘falling off the wagon’ from time to time? Well frankly, it’s completely normal and if you are the same, don’t worry. I’m here to help!

It’s just a case that a few spokes in the wheel of your life are out of place, we just need to put new ones in and make the wheel roll more smoothly. Some people have more spokes out of place than others and as you develop, you’ll look back and notice what’s changed for the better.

Eventually, you won’t end up falling off the wagon half as much and you’ll have a super smooth journey on the road to your ideal body.

But, ‘falling off the wagon’ is different for everyone. One person’s wagon is very different to somebody else’s. So in noticing this pattern, I asked the main Lunch Box Diet face book fans the question ‘what is your major reason for falling off the wagon?’, and it was surprising to see some of the answers and also the most common areas that most of you are struggling with. I noticed a few common themes which you’ll discover in this article.

What I want to do today is provide a short, fast solution to each of these and I’m hoping that you will notice one category that you fit into. I want you to make the solution I give you the top of your priority – you could find that it will change everything for you.

Then you will find that my diet, or your fitness or your life, just runs that little bit more smoothly! Well, that’s the idea anyway… :-)

But before we go into these short, quick-fire tips (I’m going with the wild west wagon theme here, can you tell?) I want to first make a few observations about the whole ‘falling off the wagon’ topic.

You may actually find it useful to ‘reframe’ this sentence. By even using this phrase internally in your mind and verbally, you’ve told yourself what you don’t want, rather than what you do want. This is the law of attraction at play. Start to train yourself to say to yourself ‘I’m looking forward to getting back to my normal routine tomorrow and I know I’ll feel fantastic when I do’.

It’s just a change in focus, just like from going from ‘I don’t want bills’ to ‘what strategy can I use to pay off this debt’.

Let’s look at a more targeted example based on a fictional character…

Jill is a 39 year old mum with 2 children, she’s married and wants to stay healthy, has had great success on the Lunch Box Diet. Of course she has challenges, but on Friday afternoon this is her thought pattern and reflection on the week…

“I’ve missed my workout today, I’ve had a rough week with the kids, spent the early part of the week shouting at them, then they became sick, work has been a shambles, I’m upsetting my husband and I just want to cry and I feel guilty for eating all this rubbish food, it’s all gone to pot…”

or the alternative way to look at exactly the same week could be:

“I’ve had three great workouts this week, felt awesome afterwards, met up with some friends and had time to myself to re energise, my son was so happy I was there for him when he had chickenpox, my boss thanked me for dealing with a difficult problem at work and once the kids got to bed, myself and husband had some quality time together, maybe I’ll treat him later ;-) he. I know despite a few hurdles I can get back on the straight and narrow tomorrow guilt free”

Can you see how exactly the same week has been framed differently?

Chances are that when you do ‘fall off the wagon’ it’s actually not so much about what you ate, but actually that you’re disappointed at your lack of willpower and the more times you ‘fall off’ the more you get annoyed at yourself, so the next time you feel worse. Sound familiar?

Okay, so you may have eaten that cream cake that the office worker put in front of you, or you munched through a family size packed of crisps. It’s simply not that big of a deal and you can easily rectify this situation by continuing to eat from your box and have a healthy meal in the evening. Or, if this ‘incident’  (as you have labeled it) was after dinner, you can start your box again the next day.

Typically if you have a bad morning, this can set the rest of the day in a bad motion, but separate up your days and start a fresh from ‘lunchtime’ or ‘dinnertime’ instead of sabotaging the entire day. Remember, if you messed up the routine at breakfast / early morning the rest of the day can still be awesome for you, the same applies at lunch.

Why is it that when children play games, some lose and cry and stop playing and others just keep on playing until they win? Mental strength? Upbringing? Whatever it is for you, you can develop the mental muscle.

It’s the same situation about reaching your goal, you just need to keep on going, making sure you make more positive moves than negatives ones, the problem is that you’re taking one negative move and turning into a massive downward spiral and it doesn’t need to be that way.

This is why tracking your progress is so useful and why now all my dieters get a 90 day tracker to print out where they can mark off a ‘Healthy Breakfast’, ‘Lunch Box’, ‘Healthy Evening Meal’ and ‘Exercise’. It’s proving extremely beneficial since I implemented it.

They can quickly see in what direction they are moving… and the key is not to weigh yourself. Go on how you feel in yourself, this is KEY to keep your motivation up. Go on how your clothes fit and your waist measurement on a monthly basis.

There are one of two categories that you may fall into when it comes to ‘falling off the wagon’, these are:

  • Relapsers
  • Maintainers

Relapsers don’t tend to have a conscious awareness when it comes to dealing with stressful situations and can automatically reach for ‘comfort foods’ and then only realise after this has happened and then the guilt sets in. In addition, relapsers have trouble finding alternative ways at dealing with stress and difficult situations.

Considering that 70% of relapsers actions are unconscious, it makes sense that we use tactics to tab into the subconscious mind which is exactly why Weight Loss Mind Power For Life is so powerful, using self hypnosis and NLP to reprogram the mind. This will however only work if you have a strong desire to change. In fact the trick about ‘reframing’ I just gave you was a NLP trick and many more can be found in the ‘Motivation Mindset’ audio.

Maintainers are those who use alternative ways to deal with their issues and problems and seek self help, use exercise, taking out problems with friends, meditation and so forth. They may still fall off the wagon, but not quite as often and when they do, they know they are doing it.

I wasn’t always the person who used to exercise to deal with stress, but I certainly have always been the type to seek an expert more qualified than me for a solution.

I can see the same situation of relapsers and maintainers in relationships. You get one person in a relationship who thinks that it would be a great idea to see a relationship counsellor and the other has no interest. Now I’m no relationship guru, only from what I’ve learned from experts (there you go!), but it’s obvious that there will always be a conflict where when one person is a relapser and another is a maintainer.

So ultimately the solution is about behaviour change. Once you chance your behaviour you’ll start to see some amazing results, and yes that will take some work and ‘personal development’, but like I’ve said before, it’s better to spend time learning on how to create a better you than read the latest celebrity gossip or watch dreaded Jeremy Kyle. Invest in yourself sensibly wyith your time, energy and money. Get your life sorted and then spend out on the treats. Many people cover up the problems with the treats as satisfaction and never tackle the problem. This is why I’m dead against anti-depressants etc. It’s just covering up an underlying issue that can be delt with with self-help, NLP, counselling, CBT, any number of methods. But not a pill with possible long term side effects.

Okay, so now let’s look at the main reasons many of you are ‘falling off the wagon’ and how to deal with it in the future.

Top ‘Falling Off The Wagon’ Complaints:

1. Heading For Sweets / Chocolate When Upset / Depressed

SOLUTION: This is very common one. Maybe you have experied a tough time emotionally and then without thinking, you’ve tucked into a jumbo bar of Galaxy or whatever is your ‘signature comfort food’. As I mentioned earlier, you may not be aware of this until afterwards, it just kinda happens. What you can do from now on is ensure that those types of foods aren’t around you. So if you’re at home, get the foods out of the house, if it’s at work, chances are these foods are either in your drawers, so remove them too. There’s no need to have that kind of food near you. But now we’re dealing with it, so get rid!

If you have to venture to the vending machine to get your ‘signature food’ then put something in your purse or wallet that will trigger you to remember that this is happening because of the emotional situation and redirect yourself to another solution such as time with a friend, exercise, a relaxing bath, a walk. But let’s now change this HABIT that you have because remember this, that short term high is giving you long term pain and maybe, just maybe the reason you’re getting upset could be related to your lack of confidence – and that will dissapear when you have the body that you feel good about.

If after trying this it continues without success I want you to get hold of my Emotional Eating Eliminator Hypnosis session as well as the Kill Your Sugar Parasite hypnosis sessions or check out the full 7 day pack and see if the other audios would be of use. This will help to tap into your subconscious so you’ll avoid these natural patterns.

You may also want to check out my post called Help! I’m Struggling With My Diet & Exercise Due to External Emotional Issues.

2. Lack of Planning & Organisation


Remember this: “It’s not about how much time you have, it’s about how you manage it”

Another massive one and this will happen for both relapsers and maintainers, but actually it’s very easy to combat. Something which has changed my life quite a bit since I implemented it has been organising my days differently. I have my own business coach and I’ll be honest, he’s the one that got me doing this and credit to him. So here’s what I used to do. Get up when I wanted (I am fortunate to be able to do that), work intensively for hours with no structured time out, burning out, fit an exercise session in, come back and work, yes I’d eat from the box still, but i’d work late until sometimes 1am or 2am in the morning and then couldn’t get to sleep. My planning and organisation of my life was completely out of whack and as a result, my energy was actually quite low, despite training every day. I’d binge drink on the weekends to change my ‘state’ from the stress of the week. Manging your energy is essential for optimum performance, period. If your energy isn’t up, you’ll overeat, you won’t want to exercise, you’ll get tired and stressed.

He told me to read a book called The Power Of Full Engagement (New York Times Bestseller) which is an ESSENTIAL read if lack of planning and organisation is you. I mean it, don’t just ignore this. Get it, order it now, read it as soon as it arrives. It’s actually more about why energy is essential for optimimum performance and it backs up my little and often way of nutrition, but will really change the way you think about how you plan your fitness and rest to get the most out of your life. GAME CHANGER!

Now, given, chances are my days are probably more flexible than yours, but the same principles are in place whatever time you have available (all will make sense when you read the book). I now (on most days where I don’t have meetings etc), get up at 8am, have breakfast (within 20 mins of waking) am at the gym by 9pm (structured session, which I record on paper) and am back by 10.30. I make my box then and have it ready for my first work session of 90 minutes which begins at 11am. I work for 90 minutes and and then rest for 30 minutes in between, up until 6pm at which time I stop and prepare for my second gym session. I’m back at 7.30 at which time I have dinner. My last work session is between 9pm-10pm at which time I have an hour of relaxation time (bath, tv, book) which puts me to sleep and i’m normally asleep by 11-15 or thereabouts. I’m up again at 8am and the day repeats.

Here’s a screen shot of my actual daily calendar on my iphone / ipad which is synced. Everything is in place and timers even go off at my rest times. This may seem extreme, but it REALLY works. Again, you may be thinking, this won’t work for me, but read the book I mentioned, and you will discover how it can work for you, even if you’re so busy you can’t even imagine how you would find 5 minutes. Sometimes it just takes a bit of restructuring. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE! I guarantee this WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE but only if you do it.

Plan out your fitness and nutrition for optimum success

So if for example you’re not making your lunch boxes in the evenings for the next day, you’d put a reminder in your phone to do that. If it’s because there’s not healthy food in the house, then make sure you change your shopping days around. Change your priorities and start doing what is going to make you happy in the long run!

3. Having Such A Long Way To Reach My Goal

SIMON’S SOLUTION: I can totally understand this. You start off well, and then maybe something happens and you’re thinking to yourself, my target is so far away, ‘I just can’t do this!’.

Here’s where you have to shift your thinking to the pain and discomfort that you will have in five year’s time if you carry on the way you’re going, and then 10 years time. What about 20 years time. Will you even be around then if you keep destroying your body? It’s harsh, but very true. And you are destroying your body if you’re not exercising and feeding it crap. Your body needs nutrients, not the toxins that are put into the system even things like makeup, let alone a microwave meal, but that’s a whole other story. Lack of exercise will slow you down, reduce your energy, motivation, mental focus and boost your stress. You’ll find it hard to lose fat in this state.

Chances are you may not have yet experienced a ‘fat loss’ result yet. So you’re still waiting for that big figure to hit the scales, you may not have yet exercised properly, and so you don’t even have the first ‘baby step’ under your belt. It’s important to break down your big goal into sizeable chunks. First I want you to listen to the blog interview I did with Biggest Loser 2011 Winner Will Graham, he talks about this with me in the hour long chat.

Then come back and do this, draw a line down a piece of paper with you at the bottom and you at the top (your goal). Now mark out about 10 lines in between and these are your new milestones. Your first job is to reach your first milestone, when you get to this, you will get such a massive sense of satisfaction (this could be a fat loss target, a jean size target, a distance target, you can even have a few on the go!), it will almost be like reaching your end goal. You’ll get a rush of adrenaline in your body and you’ll want to reach milestone two, in fact you’ll work so much harder for it once the first is reached. Now put this piece of paper wherever you will see it daily, as a reminder. BOOM! Also pin to it a picture of how you look now and how you want to look like (find a pic).

You will find the ‘Motivation Mindset‘ audio as a useful initial booster and top up which is part of the Weight Loss Mind Power For Life pack.

4. Lack of Cash

SIMON’S SOLUTION: I’m sorry to have to say this, but this one is an excuse. I have dieters in my VIP area talking about how their monthly shops have reduced by £30 or so, and from personal experience I know that eating healthier isn’t more expensive. A lot of the time (not in all situations), it’s becuase healthly eating isn’t the priority of the person / family.

In fact, there are so many deals to be had in supermarkets these days for all of the Lunch Box Diet food groups, A, B, C and D that if you’re using the LBD, you really can save money (even MSN Finance reported it in this article). Yes, you may have to look for the cheaper cuts of meat, use the more cost effective supermarkets, make some of your meals up with tuna, lentils, close to use by date etc, but more often than not, the grubby, crap food that we’re filling our baskets with isn’t cheaper, it’s more expensive, it’s actually based on what the family WANTS not NEEDS nutrition wise. If for example you’re always buying certain brands for the kids because they always want them then that’s going to put up your weekly costs.

In addition, I just want to mention that rather than putting your focus on saving money, it’s far more productive to shift focus to making MORE money. Now many of you are going to scream at the screen and tell me that we’re in tough times, and that’s true to a certain extent, but the only different between the ones making double your salary is what they know. We can all develop ourselves into a higher paying career or even start our own businesses. The formula? Find your passion = teach other people about your passion, make more money. If you can read a book, you can earn more money. Go out and start investing your time in finding ways to get yourself out of debt. That way you’ll be able to reduce your stress. Become time efficient, use the spare time to invest in securing your financial happiness and thinks will start to fit into place.

Here’s an example. I have a friend who’s a carpenter and he’s not happy about his job. He loves it, but he’s not paid enough, he’s finding it hard to get work at the moment and I gave him some inspiration. I sat him down and asked him what he wanted to do. He said he’d like to work on TV shows and maybe film sets.

So after about half an hour of getting his motivation and belief in himself up, the next day he took his spare time and called around film and TV studios and a little secret I gave him was if they say no or sorry, you say these words ‘okay thank you very much, but since i’m passionate about doing this, could you suggest where I would go next?’ 9 out of 10 times you’ll get a useful next step. Rinse and repeat until you get to your goal. You will encounter hurdles all the way, but an Olympic athlete would never win a hurdle race if he stopped at the first one, turned around at walked away, would they? They’ve got to lift they’re legs, you’ve got to lift a phone, or a finger, a book, or something! ;-)

He’s now spending his spare time looking for new ways to make his career more satisfying and it’s this little shift that can take people out of debt and money problems. Facebook is a great place. Start asking friends questions, for openings in new companies. If you’re not happy in your work, write down a big list of things you want to do and get out there and get what you want. You can do it! Again, this is stuff I’ve picked up from my mentors over the years.

Now you might not think that this has anything to with getting the body you want but it has everything to with it, if financial constraints are holding you back. Again, the difference between the winners and losers here is how much you want it.

I just wanted to cover these four areas in today’s post and get your feedback in the comments below which could prompt a ‘Part 2′ of this… What are your reasons for falling off the wagon? Do you agree with what I’ve said above, or do you disagree? Did this post help? Please do comment and show me you’re alive!


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8 Responses to “4 Ways To Stop Falling Off The Wagon & Ride The Easy Journey To Your Ideal Weight”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    This was very interesting. If I fall off the wagon, it is usually because I am tired or late for work..I always make my LB fresh in the mornings. But on the few occasions I have not made it, I have really missed it and tried hard to be healthy in the alternatives for that day. I especially like your comments about alternative ways to look at ‘falling off the wagon days’.They totally make sense and some of those points, I do actually use myself..Great blogg :-)

  2. Simon says:

    Thanks Elizabeth, glad you like the tips. Glad you’re doing well on the system! Hopefully you’ll get a new sleep pattern sorted soon!

  3. tabitha says:

    I’m gonna be setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to make a box in the evenings. So easy to get caught up in other things, and so easy to put it right too :-)

  4. Simon says:

    Hi tabitha, yeah it definately is, just that one little move you’re going to do there will probably change a lot. Good luck!

  5. Dolly says:


    Thank you for this timely post. I only started LBD last Monday. First two days were fine, but the rest of the week has been pretty much a failure – while I thought it was due to busy schedule, reading your post I can tell it was due to lack of planning, because I thought I could go shopping for healthy food during the week, when I should’ve done it over the weekend.

    Reading it has motivated me enough to go out today, instead of thinking I can do it during the working week. So hopefully, next week will be a better success.

    I usually fall of the wagon because I am tired/busy with work and then don’t have healthy food ready or even nearby. During those times, the last thing I want to do is go shopping.

  6. Melanie says:

    Great post, over the years I have fallen off the wagon so many time, every time i have dieted I never seem to reach my goal, always a few pounds from target. I then give up as opposing to maintaining and think all will be fine. A few months down the line im back to square one with extra pounds. I’m not follow your diet but think its interesting.

    My failure is down to lack of planning and it seem that if I fail early in the day I then think its ok to sabotage the rest of the day. So far since I started dieting this time round I have a more focus mind and find that if I start cooking earlier in the day it prevents me ordering a take away. I Love cooking and thats probably what got me in the situation im in now, however I have learn to adapt my recipes and have started to put together a website. I feel that sharing with others will definitely help me get to my goals this year.

  7. Cathy says:

    It was very interesting. Setting the iphone is a good idea, especially to remind myself at work to eat. Surprisingly I have been on it a week and I really don’t feel hungry. I have ordered your paperback book and am looking forward to getting more information. Thanks.

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