The Fat Brain – 13 Ways Get A Healthy Body With The Power Of Your Brain

The Fat Brain, How To Get A Healthy Body & Mind

Over the years, having gone from personal trainer to book author, I’ve started to become more and more interested in the psychology side of things, trying to understand why we do the things we do. I think it’s important to get the overall understanding of the decisions we make in life, because ultimately, if you want the body you desire, you need to look at more than one area.

One part most forget about is the brain and in this article you’re going to learn some interesting facts about how your brain function plays a huge role in keeping you either overweight, or slim.

Brain Fact #1 – Fat Body, Small Brain
Did you know that when your fat levels go up, the physical function of your brain goes down and as a result, lowers your IQ levels. Now it’s really important for adults to know this, but just think about the concern for children. Even more of a reason to eat healthy!

Brain Fact #2 – Alzheimers & Obesity
Mental health is critical and when I learned that obesity can DOUBLE the chances of getting this terrible disease, it really hits home how important it is for us to stay healthy.

Brain Fact #3 – Use Anchor Images
A great way to use your brain to help you to stay motivated to shed the fat is to link impacting images to certain foods. For example, the foods which you know are causing you to put on fat, to images of the things you don’t want to happen to you – for example pictures of piles of fat, bed sores, cancer cells – all results of obesity. It might sound shocking, but it works and this is why the cigarette companies have been forced to put shocking images on their packets!

Brain Fact #4 – Alcohol Intake
You’re damaging your brain if you’re drinking daily. So what’s the amount that’s considered safe? A couple of units per week would be advised. If you drink daily, it’s probably worth asking the question why. Is it a habit, are you trying to alter your ‘state of mind’ to get into a different place mentally to relax? What healthier ways can you do this? Women who drink every day have a higher chance of developing breast cancer.

Brain Fact #5 – Sleep Your Way Slim
You need to look at sleep as one of the most important parts of your day. It’s your recovery – there’s so much that’s happening when you turn the lights out and drift away. Your brain needs to take a break from the day, and get a deep sleep. If you’re not getting 7-8 hours per night then it’s time to start focusing on ways to improve that. Change your surroundings, your evening relaxation pattern. You should be wake up wide awake raring to take on the day. If you’re not, figure out what needs to change, it could be your stress levels, medication, drink choices (caffeine). Go here and claim a FREE sleep download session from Harley Street

Brian Fact #6 – Hormones Out Of Whack?
If you’re not stimulating your brain properly and providing it with the right nutrients, this will cause problems with hormone levels, thyroid, testosterone & estrogen, so be sure to take care of your head!

Brain Fact #7 – Can’t Stop Eating?
When vitamin D levels are low the hormone Leptin that tells your body and brain to stop eating doesn’t work any more. Take a vitamin D supplement. I’m currently using this one.

Brain Fact #8 – How To Get Brain Fit
In order to get a fitter, stronger brain, you need to get fitter and stronger. Brain scans prove that if you exercise, your brain improves, so stop putting off exercise and the gym and you’ll be happier, less stressed and healthier!

Brain Fact #9 – Support Group
Stimulating your brain with the right group of people is essential if you want to reach optimum health. Create a family that supports you and your brain function will improve. Be around those who feed your brain unhealthy messages and you’ll have an unhealthy brain.

Brain Fact #9 – Be Brain Active, Constantly
You’re reading this, that means you’re learning, your brain is active. Keeping yourself topped up with this kind of information is stimulating your brain. Sitting on the sofa, watching negative news and trash TV shows isn’t putting the right messages in.

Brain Fact #10 – Just Say NO To Your Thoughts
If you’ve been taking in a lot of negative messages, then don’t expect your thoughts to fall in line with what you would like to be thinking. Ignore some of the negative thoughts you’re getting because your brain can be a little devil some times.

Brain Fact #11 – Manage Your Stress
Focusing on your stress levels is a critical part of brain health which will then have a result in the decisions you make when it comes to eating and exercise. CBT, counselling, NLP (, all help to manage this, but anti-depressants are not the solution as you’re not dealing with underlying issues psychologically, they’re just temporary pain killers.

Brain Fact 12 – Bad Decisions
If you’re stressing yourself out then this comes down to the decisions that you’re making on a daily basis. To get self control, as yourself what you want, and then ask yourself if your behaviour is getting you what you want.

Brain Fact 13 – Too Many Decisions Kills Willpower
If you have to make too many decisions on a daily basis, this will really cause an issue with your staying focused, so break down your day on your mind and make it more simplistic.

Brain Fact 13 – Blood Sugar & The Brain
When your blood sugar levels are low, we make very bad decisions when we’re hungry, that’s why the Lunch Box Diet works so well because you’re never hungry. You’ll eat less unhealthy food and your stomach will always be simulated which means your mind will always be stimulated. Few truly healthy diets can claim this power on the brain, most leave you hungry, which causes you to stress, overeat and pick on the wrong foods, the results is an unhappy you.

So there we have it, 13 important reasons to link up being healthy to ultimate brain health.

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this article and which ‘Brain Fact’ interested you and why.


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