How to Gain Energy When Dieting

Gain Energy When Dieting

Having difficulties to gain energy when dieting? Here’s how.

Gain energy when dieting! Yes, it’s possible. Weight loss is all about the calories and carbohydrates that you take in compared with the amount you burn off on a daily basis.

gain energy when dietingYour energy level when on a diet should be taken into consideration because without it, day to day activity will be difficult. You feel tired easily and you don’t want to exercise or even do simple errands. When calories are restricted your energy is reduced. There are ways on how to gain energy when dieting.

  1. Ensure your nutrition plan has small regular meals and good source of varied nutrition – vegetables, lean meat (if you are not a vegetarian) and good source of carbohydrates.
  2. If you are eating rice or pasta slowly transition to whole meal like wild rice, and eventually cutting it down.
  3. The hour gap between lunch and dinner is longer than in between breakfast and lunch, therefore you are already hungry and eat lots of carbohydrates. You will feel bloated causing an initial spike in energy and then a slump.
  4. For exercise, when you’re feeling tired you don’t want to exercise but if you push yourself a little bit you will find yourself a little energized after the exercise. You have to expend energy to gain in back.
  5. Sleep. Get a good night sleep. When you’re tired in the morning and did not have a good night sleep, you’ll eat whatever food that you can get to keep the energy up and that is not good. Ensuring to get a really good night sleep is important. If this is a problem, look for a supplement. Try exercising early in the evening around 6-7pm, you will unload a lot of energy and makes you sleep better. Looking for the aid of sleep sessions can also help.

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  1. Very informative post. I’ve also found relying on good fats like Avocado’s and coconut oil helps keep my blood sugar stable and I continue to have bursts of energy….sometimes in the afternoon I have a piece of fruit, always works!

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