HELP! I’m Struggling With My Diet & Exercise Due To External Emotional Issues

Do you find that you have planned out your nutrition and exercise, and plan on sticking to it, but then it all seems to crumble very soon? Maybe you’re blaming the diet, or the plan but actually it’s an external emotional issue that’s the problem?

I was in the VIP area today and a dieter had this very problem and it can become very frustrating, maybe it’s happening to you?

For many the issue simply isn’t conscious and it’s a massive first step to even recognise that the problem is there. Once you have done this, you can put in the steps to find a solution, because the same thing may happen again…

This may be a cycle for you…

1. Pick a diet / exercise plan

2. Stay motivated

3. Emotional issue raises once again

4. Blame diet / exercise

5. Pick new diet / exercise

6. Repeat cycle

This can be another reason for yo-yo dieting. Actually, we need to step back, think about why we have stopped eating well and exercising as we planned and find and deal with the problem.. So for example, this could be about ‘worry’.

You are worried about a past issue, something you think is going to happen. Let’s put it under the bracket of ‘Worrying’.

Until we focus on this issue and either soften or eliminate the problem to a level where you can successfully put your energy stores into focusing on healthy eating and exercise (your energy will have been pulled from this to your ‘worry’) then you’re going to find it very hard to reach your goal and especially as the stress hormone will prevent your body from losing fat. Even more reason to drill down on the problem.

It’s just like when someone has repeat relationship problems and instead of seeking professional advice, continues in a cycle of needy, problem filled relationships, often caused by just one bad relationship years ago.

So we’ve established that in this instance, the ‘sticking point’ to the fat loss goal has been ‘worry’ - in this instance.

Now it’s time to take the first BASIC level step which is to go and ask good old friend Google for the solution.

So, head to google and type in something along the lines of ‘How to stop worrying’, starting off with ‘how to’ is a good place to start but then you could add variations if you don’t get anything useful such as just the main keyword ‘worry’ or ‘worrying’.

Now this means that you’ve done one thing that most people just don’t do, you’ve taken action and a first step to solving the problem…

So after some research and clicking on a few links, I find this useful article…

It gives A LOT of useful information on how to stop worrying, whether it’s a long or short term worry.

My next step would be to go to and use the same search parameters to find a video… This may put you on to an expert… The best way to know who to go with is if you get instant value from the video you are watching and you get a ‘gut’ feeling that the expert would be right for you. You could then approach them for help, or buy their system or program to help you.

Another step is to head to for example amazon and use the same basic keyword ‘worry’ or ‘worrying’ to find a book on the topic, reading through the reviews to see what the feedback is like from others who have used the book.

I found:

How To Stop Worrying & Start Winning

You may also want to search around the main keyword. So for example, worrying would also fall under the ‘anxiety’ keyword too.

Panic Away is a very well known program with good testimonials for those who have overcome panic attacks. This is what you want to be looking out for. People who have used the program and got the same results as you want.

If sugar cravings, motivation to exercise, staying focused, emotional eating and sleep are something that are concerns then check out Weight Loss Mind Power For Life for the Harley Street developed system and you can get your first sleep session FREE. Sleep results in energy loss, which stops you from eating proerly and as a result having the desire to exericse. Just this free download alone could help you tremendously. Click here.

I’m sure that the testimonials of The Lunch Box Diet played a part in whether you decided to start the plan (or are looking to start) or not. So remember, either a recommendation or testimonials from users are a must.

Now you’ve already:

Searched for an article

Searched for a video

Searched for a book

Searched for an expert

You’re already 4 steps ahead than you were 10 minutes before.

Now it’s time for you to use your free time (or reschedule your days to find time), to work hard to eliminating the problem.

I have sticking points all the time, in my personal life and business. Each time I focus on the problem and get it out of the way, it enables me to move onto the next milestone to my goal. YOU CAN DO THE SAME!

I don’t want you to be held back by these little ‘sticking points’ that when tackled correctly can be sorted out within a reasonable time period. You can get back on track to eating healthy and exercising quickly.

Let me know in the comments below whether you found this useful. Will you be now using this strategy for your sticking points? I hope so, this is the EXACT system I use to help me and it will help you too!

To your happy future, free from worries and whatever is holding you back today!

Simon x

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  1. Jeff says:

    Set realistic goals. You can lose 50 pounds in a week if you work out 12 hours a day and eat nothing but celery – but not if you’re human. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not bite off more than you can chew – literally. Make small goals on the way to larger goals (r). Ultimately, you will have achieved more (and more often, I might add).
    Avoid trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. I offer this proposal for a couple reasons. First, they are not good for you anyway. Secondly, you will eliminate a lot of “bad foods” winner – no questions asked. You will need to be more selective in what you eat by avoiding these two nasty ingredients – which are in more foods than you probably care to know.
    Do not always listen to your partner. I have already suggested that you inform your family – but sometimes members of your family will try to discourage you from trying to lose weight. It’s simple: they may not want you to succeed where they might have already failed, whether consciously or inadvertently. Your loss is not always their gain. Watch out for statements like: “. You’ve lost enough weight” or “. I like you just the way you are” Fact of the matter is if you do not like the way you are – then you’re going to have to to do something about it, no matter what anyone says. They still love you, but (in theory).

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