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“Simon Lovell is Fun, Passionate, Full Of Life & Delivers Awesome Results…

They’re Raving About Simon’s Lovell’s Amazing Lunch Box Diet

“I’ve lost 12lbs in 4 weeks and it’s a way of life. The best diet I’ve ever done. 5/5″
Elle Magazine

“Feel more energised, have more control over your appetite and look and feel altogether healthier.
Marie Claire

“Set to become the biggest slimming craze
The Sun

“Simple and credit crunch friendly
The Daily Mail, Femail

“Lost 5lbs in 1 week. Would recommend this diet to anyone who still wants to enjoy food!
Love It!

‘Popular among celebrities such as Cameron‘

“Lunch Box Diet is a positive and humorous approach to weight loss
The Brisitish Dietetic Association

“The easiest diet’ & ‘gold star results
Woman’s World USA

“Easy weight loss with no calorie counting or hunger pangs

“This diet is packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals

“This diet really worked for me

“The diet allows you to nibble all day, satisfying your urge to snack
Top Sante


From an overweight bullied teenager, Simon Lovell tansformed his life around and embarked on a personal training and has helped thousands of men and women transform their lives with his unique approach to losing weight.

Simon was born in Exeter, UK and spent most of his early years avoiding exercise and sports. His passion for video games steered him towards a career working on computer games magazines from the age of 16 until his early twenties. It was then that got involved in exercise after signing up to a martial arts class. His tutor then took him under his wing and got him involved in exercise. He was hooked and soon wanted to become a personal fitness trainer so flew abroad and learned about how to really transform his body.

He returned to the UK a new man and started training his clients in Exeter. Soon, his clients wanted a healthy way to eat, and Simon had learned the best way to lose weight and gain more energy was by ‘grazing’ or eating ‘little and often’. In between training his clients, Simon ate from a lunch box, comprising of his secret combination of foods. He have his diet system to his clients and ater about a month they returned to him reporting extrodinary results. Fat and weight loss, increased energy, improved hair, skin and nails. Soon it became apprent that Simon had hit onto something special.

Simon’s original diet ebook was then picked up by Elle Magazine who called it ‘the best diet’ giving it a flawless 5/5 star review. Then it was picked up by other international media who reported that Cameron Diaz was a fan of Simon’s grazing method.

Since then Simon has built a strong diet community and is passionate about helping men and women transform their lives. He now tackles everything from nutrition through to exercise and psychology, with inspirations coming from mentors like Tony Robbins. Simon is a keen TV presnter, and has appeared on various radio and TV shows. He hosts a new fat loss show called iHealthPod at

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Simon On Video… Showing His Passion For Helping People